Winging out: Buxom Lashliner


First off, Happy New Year, I hope you all had a fabulous (and safe) New Years Eve and an restful New Years Day (I sure did!).

I thought I would start off 2013 on the blog with a product review. I have had my beloved Sephora Waterproof Gel Liner in Must Have for a few years now and it was about time that I finally replaced it (it was near the end anyways).  I picked up Buxom’s Lashliner in Sequins during the Sephora Boxing Day sale for the low price of $12, which considering that it came with a brush to apply it, it was one heck of a deal.

This is my first foray into Buxom cosmetics.  I know that they are part of Bare Escentuals, which I have a few products from, but I have never really been interested in their Buxom line.  Anyways, when I got home I actually noticed that not only is this a liner, but it also contains a lash-enhancing and conditioning treatment, so it can actually make your lashes grow longer with time and use.

bottom open The colour sequins is a black liner with fine silver micro-glitter.  The packaging reminds me greatly of MAC’s Fluid Lines, which is a liner I have never personally owned.  I received the Buxom Lashliner Brush as part of the set so I tried out the product with the brush.  The brush comes in a black case and it’s not really anything special.  This brush is fine-tipped, whereas I personally prefer an angled eyeliner brush, but I don’t have anything like this one so I’m glad I got it.

The liner is very creamy and glides on the lids.  I was surprised as you can actually see the glitter, which usually with glittery colours, you can’t typically see it.  The liner is very beautiful when applied, however, you have to set the colour.  It you don’t let the liner set, it will smudge on you, so I highly recommend setting it with either black eyeshadow or black with glitter eyeshadow (like Black Tied from MAC).  Unlike the Sephora-brand gel liner, I’m pretty sure that this product isn’t waterproof so I don’t recommend wearing it at a pool or somewhere sweaty.

casebrush leather case

liner tip

Aside from the one negative aspect about the liner, I really like it and recommend it if you are looking for a gel liner.  I’m glad I got it at a bargain price of $12 and if it actually does help lash growth then it’s really worth purchasing.  I’ll keep you guys in the loop if I see a difference.


Have you tried Buxom’s Lashliner?  What are your thoughts?

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