The bubble necklace

Sweater- Simons (old)

It seems like every season there seems to be one accessory that is the “it item”.  I can think of a few pieces that have been seen on every blogger’s website and every beauty guru’s Youtube page (YSL Arty ring?), but sometimes those key pieces can be a bit pricey.

I have been lusting after the bubble necklace for a few months now.  Made famous by J. Crew, their version of it can set you back C$174 (on sale now for $140- still expensive).  I do like to indulge every once in a while on pieces that are accessories, but I typically don’t like forking over the big bucks on items that are trendy (AKA can go out of style in a season or two).

I was grocery shopping at my local Real Canadian Superstore yesterday and I made the mistake of visiting the Joe Fresh department.  Nothing in the clothing section really jumped out at me as a must buy, but then I took a look at the accessories and I saw it – the Joe Fresh version of the bubble necklace.  For only C$14.  Although I’m trying to tame my shopping addiction, I threw it in my basket right beside the Special K Cracker Chips (have you tried these?  I’m obsessed!) and made a beeline for the self checkouts where I quickly paid for it before I could change my mind.

Blouse- Perfect Shirt by J. Crew

I have a few Joe Fresh jewelry items and have found that the brand does make rather good quality stuff.  I got the necklace with turquoise stones but I also saw that they had it in a dark red colour as well.  The necklace has an adjustable chain but I don’t think it is the same length as the original J. Crew version (the J. Crew one seems much longer).

Blouse- Old Navy

If you are looking for a bubble necklace but don’t want to pay the J. Crew price for it, stop by your local Real Canadian Superstore or Loblaws and see if they still have them.  Or you can try eBay or Etsy, but hey, for C$14, you really can’t beat that price, plus you can try it on to see if it suits you.

Do you own a bubble necklace?  Love it or leave it?

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