Feeling cheeky: favourite cheek products for summer

So I’ve had a cold all this week so pardon my lack of blog entries.  I usually like to do an entry every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but my lack of energy and brain power has resulted in me being a little lazy with updating.

I was feeling a little cheeky and thought I would post about my favourite cheek products since with summer here and the weather a scorching 30 degrees Celsius I like to have that sun-kissed look.  Unfortunately I don’t tan well (if at all) so I usually got to fake it.


NARS Desire

I have three go-to blushes for the season.  Two pink ones and a tan coloured one.  I have been loving NARS Desire, which is described as a cotton candy pink, but to me this is like hot pink. It doesn’t have any shimmer and you have to use a light hand, but it adds the prettiest pinky glow to your face.

NARS Super Orgasm

Speaking of NARS, I have also been loving Super Orgasm, which is like it’s predecessor, the iconic Orgasm blush, but with more gold shimmer.  The colour is a peachy pink with gold shimmer, but you have to be careful with this as the shimmer does tend to get everywhere.  Even after I swipe my brush on it it leaves a glitter trail from the packaging to my face.  I usually wear this one out at night as I find it more of a bolder colour.  I would typically do Orgasm during the day and then Super Orgasm at night.

Makeup Designory (MUD) Rose Beige

Finally, if I want to skip the bronzer and just do a blush, I will reach for Makeup Designory’s (MUD) blue in Rose Beige, which to me, looks like a pinky-tan if that makes sense.  It’s not a true bronze, but it’s the perfect in-between shade.  If I am feeling lazy and only want to do one product, I’ll reach for this.  I love this blush.


St Tropez bronzer

Ever since I ran out of my precious NARS Laguna I have been reaching for either St. Tropez’s bronzer, which you certainly need a light hand for as this applies quite dark, or NARS Casino.

NARS Casino bronzer

I find Casino to be a little darker than Laguna but it also gives you a nice subtle glow. Both Casino and Laguna have a subtle gold shimmer which I find non-existant once applied, but if you are lighter skinned like me, I would go with Laguna.  Casino isn’t bad, but it’s a lot darker.  It does go on nice and evenly though, which I find with the St. Tropez bronzer I have to work with a little more to make it look natural, plus it tends to be a bit chalky when you first apply it.


I have been obsessed with highlights because they really do finish off the face with that perfect glow.  Sure, some bronzers can make you look all sun kissed, but highlighters really brighten up the face.

My favourite liquid highlight is hands-down Benefit’s High Beam, which I apply with a nail polish-like applicator on my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose. High Beam gives you that perfect dewy finish and really does brighten up the face.

If I want to do powder, I’ll grab NARS Heavy Heart duo illuminator and apply this in the same areas using a fan brush. This adds more glitter to the face compared to High Beam.  Both products are good, but if you were to choose one between the two, Benefit’s High Beam would be the best in my opinion.

I love summer makeup because it’s usually fresh, sun kissed, and bright.  You can really do some fun looks in this season and the face is always the base to start out.  I love my summer cheek routine and the products I use to create it.

What are your summer must-have cheek products?  Leave me a comment below!

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