Channelling Barbie: Joe Fresh Matte lipstick in Bubblegum

If there is one thing I’m a sucker for in the beauty world it’s pink lipstick.  Every time I see a bright Barbie pink colour I must have it.  So far I have probably accumulated around 10 of them but a new one caught my eye this past week.

I went a little crazy at Joe Fresh (a Canadian brand by Joe Mimran, the same guy who started Club Monaco.  They recently opened a flagship in NYC) on Sunday (so unfair that they have stylish, affordable clothing in a supermarket!) and had to do an exchange for one of the products on Monday.  I made the mistake of going to the beauty section and then I saw it.  Joe Fresh’s Matte lipstick in Bubblegum.  I am a huge Joe Fresh beauty fanatic already, after trying their foundation, bronzer, nail polish, and retractable eyeliner, there isn’t a beauty item by them I haven’t liked.  Best of all, the line ranges from like $4 to $12 (I believe).  So when I saw a hot pink shade (my staple colour) for an extremely affordable $6 I had to have it.

The colour is a shimmery blue-toned baby pink colour that is so flashy and bright that it’s the first thing that draws attention to your face.  I was a little thrown off because I was expecting a matte colour similar to MAC’s matte lipsticks, so therefore no shine and drying on the lips.  This is the opposite.  The colour does have a hint of shimmer and it’s moisturizing when applied.  It also doesn’t stain your lips like the MAC version and I found I had to reapply the colour every few hours.

I got highlights!

I know that these Joe Fresh lipsticks are popular and one of the colours, the highly-coveted Fuchsia has quite the cult following.  I really like the colour and the price point can’t be beat.  The only thing that I don’t like and unfortunately it’s a big one, is the consistency.  Don’t get me wrong, the product is quite creamy and applies very nicely, but I have to be super careful when I use it straight from the tube as the actual product bends and is quite literally two-seconds away from snapping off.  I’m not sure if they are all like that or if I just got a bad one, but I find it quite discouraging to apply it as I have to be extremely careful and I often just end up getting the product all over the pretty white tube (because it bends, when I roll it down it scrapes the pink around the lid).  I love the colour but hate how the formula is so flimsy.  If you own a Joe Fresh lipstick let me know if you have this problem too.

Love the colour, hate the consistency. I have to be really gentle when I apply this.

Aside from this one con (to me it’s a major one), if you are looking for the perfect Barbie pink for spring and summer I would pick this up.  And, for $6 you will still have enough cash left over to pick up an outfit that goes with it.

Have you tried Joe Fresh’s Matte Lipstick in Bubblegum?  If so, what were your thoughts?

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