Inglot Cosmetics: The Freedom System

Like MAC but find the prices to be steep?  If you have an Inglot store near you, check it out!

Inglot Cosmetics is a Polish-based company similar to MAC but not as pricey.  I’ve known about Inglot for a while now but it seems like it has gotten quite a following recently by beauty bloggers and Youtubers alike.  Unfortunately for us Canadians,all the Inglot stores are in Quebec, but when I was in Montreal a month ago Inglot was on my list of shops to hit up.

Like MAC, you can get a completely customizable palette to your specifications, however, at Inglot there are more size options. Appropriately titled, in the Freedom System you can get either round or square options in a two, three, four, five, 10, or 40 size palette (there may be more sizes, check online for details). I looked online and it seems like with the square palettes you get more product, but they seemed to be the same price as the round ones so I’m not sure why anyone would want to choose the circle ones.  When I was there all the palettes were on sale as well (huge perk, since MAC never goes on sale).

After you pick out which palette you want, you grab a magnetic clipboard and choose the colours you want and stick them on the board.  This process literally took me like half an hour; Inglot has basically every colour under the rainbow and then some.  I had the hardest time choosing which shade of taupe I wanted.  I ended up with a dark grey shimmer colour, a shimmery purple taupe, and a bright yellow (the eyeshadows don’t have names, just numbers which I can’t remember).

The case the product comes in is super chic; it has a black base with a frosted magnetic top with “Inglot” printed across it numerous times.  The magnets are quite strong, so I often find myself just sliding one side off to use the colour I want.

The eye shadows themselves are incredibly creamy and soft and apply beautifully. In terms of texture, I would say they are comparable; MAC has different formulations of eye shadows and I’m sure Inglot does too, but the three I chose seemed to feel the same.

In terms of price, Inglot is definitely less money than MAC.  A full size pro palette (15 colour) can retail for around $227 USD, my three square Inglot palette cost me C$29, which was the sale price, I think it retails for $35 to $39, I can’t remember.  Regardless, that’s C$9.67 an eyeshadow.  By comparison, one pan eyeshadow from MAC is C$14.50.  You also get more eyeshadow with the Inglot product (2.7 grams per pan versus 1.5 grams for a MAC pan eyeshadow).  Plus, you aren’t paying for the palette, the C$29 included the three colours and the case to hold them.  A MAC Pro Palette alone costs C$17.50 I believe.

I believe Inglot does ship to the United States via their online store.  If you love MAC but don’t want to pay a lot for an eyeshadow, I would definitely check out Inglot, they offer basically all the same products as MAC but at more affordable prices.  I also picked up a brush from Inglot, but I’ll save that for a separate post.

Have you tried eyeshadows from Inglot Cosmetics?  What are your thoughts?

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