Simple Everyday Makeup

My apologies for my lack of blogging, it’s been almost a week now.  I tried a mini sample of Make Up For Ever’s HD foundation and the next day my skin so got incredibly dry that I wasn’t up for blogging about anything makeup related.  Well luckily after a ton a moisturizer and some Rosebud Salve (that stuff is seriously a life saver) my skin is almost back to normal, but I still have a few dry spots.

Anyways, because I wanted to keep my makeup to a minimal so my face could breathe this was actually the look I was wearing all week and I have to say, I’m kind of addicted to it now.  It’s so simple and you really don’t need a lot of products.  I used a few different mineral foundations because they are lighter on the skin than liquid foundation (which is what I usually wear), a few cream shadows, eyeliner, mascara, and that’s pretty much it.  Super simple, light, and quick.

So here’s how I did it.

Starting off with a clean palette I applied Benefit’s The Porefessional to my skin.  This a primer that minimizes the appearance of pores, which isn’t really a problem I have but it leaves a nice finish on my skin.  When my face was super dry I skipped a primer and just applied the foundation but since my skin is slowly getting back to normal I can apply this once again.

Next I grabbed my Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation and buffed it onto my skin.  I really like this foundation as it leaves a nice finish on my face.  I like how this foundation is light (which allows my skin to breathe) and the fact that it has minerals is a huge perk too, especially if you are having an allergic reaction on your face (like me).

Instead of a blush or bronzer I used this PUR Minerals foundation in the colour tan which I got in my January Luxebox.  This colour is too dark for my face to use for foundation so instead I use it as an all over glow.  It’s lighter than bronzer so with my super pale skin it adds a nice warmth to my complexion.  PUR Minerals is another mineral foundation line similar I would say to Bare Minerals.

Using the same brush I applied my foundation with, I applied this product on my cheeks, temples, and the bridge on my nose. Moving onto the eye area, I used MAC’s Paint Pot in Bare Study, a cream/white colour, on my brow bone to open up the eye area.  

Next I grabbed my Maybelline 24-Hour Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe (obsessed with this) and applied it all over my lid and then in the crease.  I applied a little more of the product in the crease to darken it up.

I choose cream products for my eyes instead of powder ones because I felt that they would be better for dry skin.  Plus, both of these products dry nicely too so they look like a powder anyways.

Grabbing the MAC Paint Pot again, line your inner corners to make your eyes pop, then using the Maybelline 24-Hour Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe, line your lower lash line.

Grabbing a gel eyeliner, like Sephora’s Waterproof Creme Eyeliner in Must Have, line your upper lash line.

Almost done! Curl your lashes and coat them in your favourite mascara.  I used Rimmel London’s Lash Accelerating Mascara in black.

To finish up the look, grab a lipgloss or lipstick and paint away!  I chose NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss because I wanted something nude with a bit of shine.  Because the eyes are a bit darker I like to pair them with a nude lip.

So here is what the finished eyes look like.  It’s a simple look with a darker eye and it’s so easy to do.  I’m actually kind of glad I discovered it (even though it all happened because I got an allergic reaction), but it’s definitely been my go-to look for this week.

Just a heads up, I’m going to La Belle Province this week so there will be a lack of posts.

Hope you all enjoyed the look and let me know if you tried it!

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