Pretty Wink

So if you read my post on the December 2011 LuxeBox by Loose Button, you would know that I got these fab lashes by Velour.  These were hands down the most impressive thing in the box for a number of reasons. One, that they alone cost $35 (the box is $12 CDN a month); two, that they are mink; and three, that they are from a Canadian brand.

Velour Lashes were started by two best friends Mabel and Angela and are based out of Toronto, Ontario.  Each pair of lashes are handmade with 100 per cent authentic mink fur. Because the lashes are made from real materials, they can be worn at least 21 times (more if you take really good care of them).

The pair I got in my LuxeBox is called Lash In City and are described as “Girls just wanna have fun! These lashes perfectly compliment a dark smokey eye. Designed with extra fur on the entire band to provide a dramatic and full look. This style also adds a touch of “wing” to the corner of the eyes. Shoes and martini’s shouldn’t be your only accessory.”

Lash in City retails for $34.99 (regular price is $64.99) and you can buy them online.  I believe that they are only sold online, but they offer free shipping worldwide.

I have to say that I am really impressed by these.  Granted, they are quite expensive but for mink, they are definitely something special. The hair on these are so soft and they actually feel like real eyelashes which is the best part.  Okay, so I know, like who would touch your eyelashes anyways, but seriously, the look of these beauties when they are applied looks so pretty.

Since they are mink you have to take special care of them.  Don’t apply any mascara to them and don’t soak them in any liquids.  In the application video online, they show you to apply the lashes and then take a eyelash curler to fuse them together but to be honest, the lashes were too long that it moved the placement of them on my eyelids, so I don’t really recommend doing that.  As for the length of the band, I actually had to cut off a bit at the ends because they are quite long.  I’ll use those extra bits for more definition on the outer corners of my eyes when I don’t want to apply the full strip.  And, speaking of the strip, it’s quite flexible and fit the natural curve of my eye perfectly so that was another thing I really liked; they were simple to apply.

They are a splurge but if you have a special event (like a wedding or something), I highly recommend these.  If you take really good care of them they can last at least for 21 applications which is great since regular falsies last for less than 10 (at least for me, I was told at MAC that their lashes last three to four applications).

Have you tried Velour Lashes?  What are your opinions on mink eyelashes?  Are they worth the splurge?