Neat Freak: Makeup Organization

So up until a few weeks ago I was using a purple Caboodle On The Go Girl makeup case that I literally have had since middle school.  My collection has grown this past year and I found that I had to keep some of my larger items outside the case because they were too large and didn’t fit.  Also, when I closed the case (the latch broke off years ago) it got quite tight.  Long story short, it was time to buy something that fit all my makeup comfortably and kept it organized.

I really wanted a Clear Cube (or something similar) but the closest I could find was from Muji and with the shipping it got quite pricey.  I looked high and low for an acrylic storage unit but I couldn’t find anything so I decided to go the Wal-Mart route.

The organizer I got is one of those universal Rubbermaid units that although plain, can hold a lot of stuff, especially if you get compartments to break it up and keep it organized.  The product comes in two sizes, a smaller one that would be perfect for holding desk supplies, and this one.  I obviously went with the larger one (it cost me $18.97 CDN I believe). Alright, so on the top I keep my larger bottles that stand up as well as my brushes.  I also have my moisturizers, makeup removers, deodorant, Urban Decay Setting Spray, and my Holt Renfrew Paramount Beauty Bag that I put cotton pads, Q-tips, etc. in. I have the first drawer separated into three different departments.  In the back I have my larger palettes like my Ed Hardy one, my Tokidoki Chromatico in Devil Girl palette, my MAC Pro palette, and my UD Naked palette.  In front of that I have some large powders and beside that in the long rectangular compartment I have my face powers like my Bare Minerals ones and my Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder.  In the rectangular compartment near the front I have eyelashes, my Laura Mercier foundation, a retractable kabuki brush, eyelash curler, and a sponge.  Just random items really. In the second drawer I have four compartments.  One for my lipsticks and another for my lip glosses.  In the third container I have foundation primers and eos lip balm spheres and then in the fourth I have eye items: concealers, Urban Decay Primer Potion, sharpeners, a gel eye liner, and Clinique All About Eyes Serum. Finally, in the third drawer I have two larger compartments (one for cheek products like blushes and bronzers and another for single, duo, and quad eyeshadows) and one smaller one.  In the smaller compartment near the front I have mascara and lash products on one side and then liners on the other.  In front of the smaller compartment I have a few hair removal products.

So that is how I store my makeup, I can’t believe that the majority of those things used to fit in that little Caboodle case, crazy!  I think altogether the whole unit cost me $50 which isn’t bad considering that a Clear Cube costs $300 and up.

How do you store your makeup?  Leave me a comment below.