Freshen up: New aerosol styling products from Marc Anthony Haircare

You guys know I love Marc Anthony products.

As someone who works out every day, although I take a shower daily, I don’t like washing my hair all the time, since over washing it isn’t great for it. Thus, I usually wash it days when I really have to, usually twice a week. So how do I keep it looking nice, clean, and voluminous? Dry shampoo.

Now, with that being said, dry shampoo totally has the tendency to mattify my hair, giving me the urge to wash it more often, so I’m always on the hunt for something that won’t over texturize it. Therefore, imagine my excitement when a box from Marc Anthony Haircare comes to my door and it’s filled with new aerosol goodies, including – you guessed it – some dry shampoo.

The first thing I reached for was a product that I don’t already have a dupe for, the Strengthening Grow Long Volumizing Dry Shampoo Foam, which is a quick-drying, waterless cleansing foam that removes oil, buildup, and excess product. You apply a palm-full of the product to your roots for freshly cleansed and refreshed hair with extra volume.

Marc Anthony haircare aerosol products

Now, when I read the instructions and saw that it advised a palm-full of the stuff, I had my doubts. If I apply a palm full of mousse to my hair I’m sometimes left with greasy-looking and sticky locks. This actually absorbed well into my hair and all my worrying about greasy roots disappeared. Also, my hair doesn’t feel overly texturized like a lot of dry shampoos do. In fact, I don’t even feel it, it literally feels like freshly-washed hair. It didn’t give me major volume that sticks, but if I fluffed up the roots, then they lifted up.

So why a mousse instead of a spray? I find this does the same thing the spray does, but it’s cleaner and doesn’t over-texturize your hair. Yeah, your hands get a little dirty, but it’s worth it since I feel like you’ll get a longer wear out of your hair than using a traditional spray. This also doesn’t leave that pesky white residue.

If you love dry shampoo, then you may want to look into their Refreshing Coconut Clear Dry Conditioner, which gives instant hydration, refreshes blow outs, and revives natural curls by locking in moisture. I don’t have curly hair, but like the idea of dry conditioners since they remove frizz, while leaving hair soft and smooth. This is also perfect for summer since it has an amazing coconut scent and it adds shine. This product you can spray from roots to tips, so it gives a little more of a “wash” to your hair.

Speaking of curly hair, I didn’t give this one a try since I don’t have curls, but the Strictly Curls Perfect Curl 7-in-1 Treatment Foam is an all-in-one treatment that has seven benefits: defines curls with flexible hold, detangles, reduces split ends and frizz, nourishing treatment, smooths and softens, moisturizes, and adds shine. This stuff is dispensed like a mousse which you scrunch into your hair. The product adds definition and softness to curls, while leaving them shiny.

Marc Anthony Haircare Refreshing Coconut Clear Dry Shampoo and Strictly Curls 7-in-1 Leave-in Treatment

Finally, for some major volume, try the Strengthening Grow Long Texture Spray, which is a lightweight dual-purpose spray that can prep hair for styling or can be used as a finisher for texture. This to me would like using dry shampoo as a volumizer since it adds volume at the roots, but also extends your hairstyle for a day or two longer than it would normally last (like dry shampoo). Now with that being said, if you like shiny hair, you’re gonna want to stay away from this then since it gives you a matte finish. This is the kind of product that you’re going to want for a night out or special event.

There hasn’t been a Marc Anthony product that I haven’t loved, so I was so excited to put these to the test and believe me, they don’t disappoint. Aside from the super cute packaging (and that coconut scent), all these products are super affordable since they are found at Walmart Canada.

Have you tried Marc Anthony haircare?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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