Rose all day: Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rose and Bourbon


One of my absolute favourite perfumes is Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black. From the first time I wore it (got a sample of it with one of my Sephora purchases), I knew I just had to have it.  Not only did I purchase it, but I also have it in the body oil, pure perfume oil, the rollerball, the White version, and the pure perfume oil of the white as well. Needless to say, I can’t get enough of Nirvana.

When I first started wearing Nirvana Black I had multiple friends ask me what perfume I was wearing. When I told them it was Nirvana Black, they both went out and bought it. It’s just so amazing. Anyways, fast forward a couple years to now and when I saw that Elizabeth & James released two new fragrances in the line, I just knew I had to have them.

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New to the family are twins Rose and Bourbon. Both of these scents are packaged in the recognizable Nirvana bottle, but this time it’s deep brown and red. Both perfumes are an amazing ode to the originals as well; you can definitely tell they come from the same family.

Nirvana Bourbon, available in a rollerball (0.34 oz), 1.0 oz, and 1.7 oz format (C$30, C$82, and C$107 respectively), is a sultry vanilla fragrance with hints of musk. Both of these are more masculine scents, so if you’re looking for something girly, you won’t find that in these. Think sexy and provocative. Bourbon has notes of vanilla bourbon, oakwood, and tuberose.

Although I love both, Rose is my favourite of the two. Rose (available in the same sizes and prices) is more floral and definitely embodies the rose name. My co-worker loved it instantly when she smelled it on me (she even asked “what perfume are you wearing, I need to buy that”). She said it reminded her of the rose steam room at Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, B.C., this amazing resort in the mountains owned by the Swarovski family. Subconsciously I smelled the roses, but I didn’t really notice it until she pointed it out. The notes include rose de mai, geranium, and vetiver.


Although I do prefer Rose to Bourbon, I’m obsessed with both of these. They definitely aren’t for the faint of heart, and although I’ve been wearing them during the day to test them out, they are both a night-time fragrance since they are so bold.

I don’t know if these have overtaken Nirvana Black for top spot, but they are both amazing additions to the Nirvana line up. You need to stop by Sephora to give these a whiff.

Have you smelled Nirvana Bourbon and Rose yet?

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