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Old sport! Great Gatsby-inspired makeup tutorial

I’ve read The Great Gatsby numerous times throughout high school and university and it still remains one of my favourite novels.  The tragic story is filled with 1920’s glitz and glamour and was recently launched back in the spotlight with the Baz Luhrmann adaption that came out earlier this year.  As a result, I’m sure […]

Fairy dust: Forest fairy makeup tutorial

I haven’t been much inspired this year to create any Halloween looks on here but then I got a spark today and just had to do something.  I did a fairy look last year but that one was much different from this – more glam, whereas this is more forest nymph.  The best part is […]

How to: liquid contour + highlight

Ever since I realized the magic of a good contour and highlight, it has become part of my daily routine.  I’ll usually stick with powder products but I have recently started to liquid contour and highlight (a la Kim Kardashian) if I have a night out or if I have a lot of time. The […]

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