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Fairy dust: Forest fairy makeup tutorial

I haven’t been much inspired this year to create any Halloween looks on here but then I got a spark today and just had to do something.  I did a fairy look last year but that one was much different from this – more glam, whereas this is more forest nymph.  The best part is […]


Halloween has always been my favourite holiday.  Ever since I was a kid I have always loved the spirit of Halloween; the candy, dressing up, being scared, what’s not to like? Since I’m an adult now it looks a bit weird if I still go trick or treating.  Instead I take my dogs!  I dress […]

Glitter dust: Fairy Halloween makeup

With my favourite holiday coming up (Halloween!) I thought I would put together some looks which are easy to do.  This fairy makeup look is simple and can easily transcend into  the holiday season if you loose the circle contact lenses. Here are the steps! 1. Prime your lids with a eyeshadow primer, I used […]

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