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Topbox July 2013 regular box

It’s the middle of July, so you know what that means… Topbox time! I actually completely forgot about Topbox this month and then yesterday I realized that I never received a shipping confirmation for my box (they usually start shipping them the 10th of every month).  Well as luck has it, as soon as I […]

Topbox June 2013 regular box

Topbox has hit it out of the ballpark for June. This was the first month where I didn’t spoil the surprise and look up other blogs prior to receiving mine.  There were a few different Prive boxes (including one from Estee Lauder) but I chose to go with the regular box because none of the […]

Topbox May 2013

With May being my birthday month I was oh so excited to receive my Topbox.  Well, it looks like the people over at Topbox are finally listening and for once I didn’t receive any perfume samples or lotions (finally!). For this month’s box, Topbox subscribers had the option of choosing a Prive one or a […]

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