Blonde + beautiful: Four products you need to try from Schwarzkopf for blonde hair

I’ve had blonde in my hair ever since I was 12 years old.

I was blonde as a little girl, but as I got older that blonde faded away into a mousy brown and basically since I turned 12 I have been throwing blonde in there ever since.

Although my hair right now isn’t as blonde as it once was (it’s more brunette with some highlights thrown in), I still like to use blonde shampoo and conditioner at least once a week to keep my blonde looking fresh and not dull.

I have used many different blonde haircare lines but one of my favourites is by Schwarzkopf. The BlondMe line is catered to all types of blondes and is designed to be used with their other products in the line to deliver beautiful results with your most vibrant colour yet.

I’ve used various BlondMe products over the years but Schwarzkopf recently sent me some of their all-star items for blonde hair to incorporate anatomy routine.

Schwarzkopf BlondMe Neutralizing Shampoo for Cool Blondes

Schwarzkopf BlondMe Neutralizing Shampoo for Cool Blondes

The BlondMe Neutralizing Shampoo for Cool Blondes (C$24) is a neutralizing shampoo that contains purple pigment. This shampoo has a gentle formula, meaning it’s safe to use on both delicate lightened and coloured hair.

The formula contains a bonding technology that creates new bonds within the hair fibre and will gently neutralize any yellow tones without changing your hair colour.

Apply this to wet hair and leave on for two minutes let it do it’s thing.  Afterwards, rinse out for soft and silky strands.

BlondMe All Blonds Rich Mask

Follow up with the BlondMe All Blonds Rich Mask (C$34). This mask, which is great to use once a week, helps to smooth and seal the surface of porous blonde hair to repair it and leave it feeling and looking silky smooth.

The formula contains marula oil to provide a brilliant shine, as well as hydrolyzed keratin to improve strength and elasticity in the hair. Apply this mask in your hair, focusing the product from the mid-shaft to the ends and then leave it in for at least 10 minutes before rinsing.  You’ll find your hair is softer, stronger, and more elastic.

BlondMe Cool Blondes Neutralizing Spray Conditioner

BlondMe Cool Blondes Neutralizing Spray Conditioner

Once you’re out of the shower it’s always recommended to use a couple styling products. The BlondMe Cool Blondes Neutralizing Spray Conditioner (C$22) helps to detangle hair and deliver cool pigments to neutralize any yellow in the hair.

Spray this on damp hair to provide strength and moisture, leaving hair healthy-looking and shiny. It has panthenol in it to moisturize hair and balance the natural water content of the hair structure. It also delivers cool pigments to maintain, refresh, and enrich blonde tones in the hair.

OSIS+ Freeze Strong Hold Hairspray

OSIS+ Freeze Strong Hold Hairspray

If you are styling your hair then you’ll need a good hairspray and I’ve always loved the OSIS line.  The OSIS+ Freeze Strong Hold Hairspray (C$20.50) delivers instant strong hold to the hair that lasts for days.  It’s also fast drying and protects hair from external aggressors.

This hairspray is really nice since it doesn’t leave hair feeling crunchy. Hair is left manageable and soft, while your style is set in place.

Schwarzkopf Professional is a salon-quality brand so with that comes salon-quality haircare (although to be fair, I have used a lot of different haircare brands and even the drugstore ones have been fab lately).  If you have blonde hair then I would look into picking up some of these items. If you are going to invest in going blonde (which, if you are blonde, you know how pricey it is to maintain), then I would invest in some great haircare products to maintain the colour as well.

Have you tried the Schwarzkopf BlondMe line?

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my honest own.

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