Light & airy: Ardell Light As Air lashes

I love a good false lash.

When it comes to popping on some false lashes, I always go for a subtle wispy lash. When I was younger, I would always go big and bold, but now that I’m older, the more subtle the better.

Now the other thing I like to look out for when it comes to falsies is the comfort level.  The lash has to be flexible and comfortable to wear. I hate a stiff false lash band and one that is heavy.  If I’m wearing lashes, then I don’t want to feel them.

Ardell Light As Air lashes

So that’s where the new Ardell Light As Air collection comes in. This collection came out last month (April) and has a breakthrough fiber technology that has specially designed, soft lashes in an hourglass shape.  The fibres give a fluffy, flirty, and fluttery finish, making them very natural, but also noticeable.  These lashes also are 50 per cent lighter than other lashes and according to Ardell, are the softest texture in the market.

Ardell Light As Air lashes

The Light As Air collection comes in three different styles, two medium volume and one full volume.  All of them will leave you with noticeable, natural-looking lashes that won’t irritate your eyes or make them too heavy.

You can find these lashes at Walmart Canada for $7 each.  They also have them in multipacks.  I really love Ardell lashes and love all the innovations they have been releasing.  Again, I love a lighter lash, so these were right up my alley!

Ardell Light As Air lashes swatched

Have you tried the Ardell Light As Air lashes?

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