Stuck together: Ardell launches MegaHold lash collection

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I love magnetic lashes.

I’ve been using these for years and just love how much more gentle they are than lash glue.  Over the years the technology has definitely changed and instead of just the one way of wearing them (that is two lashes sandwiched together between your natural lashes), there is now eyeliner that works with these lashes to hold them magnetically together.

I’ve used a few lashes via this method and although it does work well for the most part, sometimes the lash band it too long.  With traditional magnetic lashes, there are little magnetics placed on the band, so that makes it difficult to adjust or cut the lash to fit your eye shape.

Ardell MegaHold lashes

Well not anymore.

If you struggle with this then you’ll be thrilled to hear that Ardell has launched a new magnetic lash innovation, which comes out next month.  The Magnetic MegaHold lashes (C$20.99) is a kit that comes with the lash and glue/liner and the special part about these is that it features an invisible “no magnets” magnetic technology in the lash band itself.  So what that means is that these lashes don’t have those little magnets and instead the lash band itself is the magnet.  It also means you can trim the lash band without the scare of losing the magnets themselves.

These launch in March 2022 and four signature styles will be introduced here in Canada.  As mentioned, these come as a set with both the lashes and liquid liner.  Just apply a couple coats of the liquid liner and then place the lash on the liner while it’s still wet to hold it all together.  These are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Ardell MegaHold lashes

As mentioned, there are four sets to choose from and two of them feature faux mink lashes for a more natural and flirty effect.

I love the idea of these and definitely feel like they are going to be my go-to lashes this season.  I do want to add though that I did find the liner to be a little dry and I had to keep putting the brush back into the tube to get more product.  Also, after a few hours the lashes did lift, which was annoying, but I’ll keep using them, especially other styles to see if they hold up better.  I also didn’t trim them when I used them and I think for next time I’m going to trim them so they fit better (I’m thinking of trimming off half to give me that cat eye effect).

Ardell MegaHold lashes swatched

I have really been loving what Ardell has been doing lately in terms of new lash innovations and if you’re wondering what the difference is between these and normal lashes, I find the magnetic glue liner to be more gentle on the eyes than traditional glue.

Will you be picking up Ardell’s MegaHold lashes when they launch next month?

Please note, all products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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