Dining & driving: A weekend of great eating with the 2021 Lincoln Corsair

2021 Lincoln Corsair in Winnipeg

I’ve always really loved Lincoln vehicles and I always love taking in some fine dining, so when you pair the two together you really do get a luxurious experience.

This past weekend, Lincoln loaned me the 2021 Lincoln Corsair, their new compact luxury SUV which replaces the MkC. This SUV features a V4 engine, 295 horsepower, and 310 lb-ft of torque.

Now when it comes to Lincoln vehicles, I am a huge fan of all the features since they always go above and beyond with what these cars have to offer.  Some of my favourite Lincoln features are in this vehicle, include the cool illuminated branded welcome mat when you go near the vehicle, as well as the heated steering wheel and massage seats. I found it really cool to go through the car’s features on the 12-inch display and play around with the different mood lighting (there are a number of different colours you can change the ambient lighting to), as well as the different Apple CarPlay integrations.

Girl in 2021 Lincoln Corsair Girl in 2021 Lincoln Corsair Girl in 2021 Lincoln Corsair Girl in 2021 Lincoln Corsair

Driving this vehicle last weekend was a real dream and it was a luxurious ride to get us around the city.  Last Friday I picked up a friend and we went to Enoteca, which is one of my favourite restaurants here in Winnipeg. This restaurant is located in the city’s River Heights neighbourhood and offers small plates for sharing.

It was a smooth ride picking up my friend and then driving to the restaurant.  By the time we left it was already dark, so the jewelled LED headlamps really came in handy since they feature a smart technology that responds to the road.  If you are driving on a road that bends and curves, the headlights actually move with so it always gives you a clear view (which really came in handy when I dropped off my friend and saw a deer run across the road a little ways up).

Now if the weather was bad while I was out driving, the Corsair actually features a drive mode selector, which means that if it’s slippery out or deep conditions, then you can cycle through the types of drive on the dashboard.  If you want to take it further with the customization, the Corsair has personal profiles which it picks up by the key fob. When the car senses the fob it automatically adjusts your seat position, audio, and ambient lighting preferences.

Dog in backseat of Lincoln Corsair 2021 Lincoln Corsair 2021 Lincoln Corsair 2021 Lincoln Corsair 2021

The next day I took the Corsair all the way to The Forks to head to Smith at Inn at The Forks for brunch. Since it was a beautiful day last Saturday, the panoramic vista roof was really pleasant since it let in all the natural lighting. I also really loved the piano key shifter to switch between the different gears, since it freed up the centre console and was something different. It took a while to get used to, but when I did I really enjoyed it.

I could seriously go on and on about the features of the 2021 Lincoln Corsair, but I recommend you head to a Lincoln dealership and give it a test ride. As we head into chillier months having those heated massage seats and heated steering wheel was a real pleasure, same with all the fun special features that the SUV has to offer.

2021 Lincoln Corsair

Have you driven the Lincoln Corsair?

Please note, the Lincoln Corsair was loaned to me for the weekend. All opinions are my own.

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