Squeaky clean: Three hair care lines to try this fall

When it comes to hair care there isn’t a one-size-fits-all shampoo and conditioner.

Everyone’s hair is different. There is coloured hair, blonde hair, fine hair, thick hair, sensitive scalp… the list goes on and on.  Because of that, it’s very important that you find a hair care routine that is suitable for your specific hair type.

With the colder weather coming up, I usually find that my hair and scalp gets more dry, so I try to use more hair care lines that are targeted for those concerns.  I have so many different hair care products and I do like to rotate them out depending on the time of the year and even the day I wash my hair.

So if you are looking for some new hair care products to try out this season, then I think you’ll enjoy this post.

DermaE Scalp Relief Hair Care

DermaE Scalp Relief Hair Care

So like I mentioned, I tend to have a really dry scalp in the colder months, so the DermaE Scalp Relief Hair Care regimen will come in handy.

Comprised of the Scalp Relief Shampoo, the Scalp Relief Conditioner, and the Scalp Relief Treatment, this line is aimed to tighten, firm, and smooth the look of thin or flaky skin. This line cleanses and helps to alleviate symptoms associated with a dry and irritated scalp.

Start first with the Scalp Relief Shampoo (C$17.49), which is gentle enough for daily use. Massage the product on the hair and scalp and make sure to leave it on there for at least three to five minutes.  After you rinse, apply the Scalp Relief Conditioner (C$17.49) to your hair and scalp as well and then leave on for two to three minutes before rinsing out.

Once you are out of the shower and with your hair still damp, apply the Scalp Relief Treatment, which contains tea tree oil and cooling menthol to soothe dry, flakey and itchy scalp. It also has aloe vera, sea kelp, and alma extracts to moisturize, as well as the brand’s herbal blend, which promotes a balanced and hydrated scalp. To apply this, part hair into sections and apply a few drops to each section and massage it onto the scalp.  You can also apply it overnight if you know you are going to wash your hair the next morning.

Kerastase Soleil Nourishing After Sun regimen

Kerastase Soleil Nourishing After Sun regimen

Okay so this next one is more for the summer time, but the sun still shines in the fall and winter, and if you are planning a hot weather vacation this year, then you’ll love the Kerastase Soleil Nourishing After Sun line.

Start first with the Soleil Nourishing After Sun Shampoo (C$46), which is a shampoo that contains coconut water and UV filters to protect against sun damage while also removing chlorine, sand, and saltwater residue.  This hair care line is suitable for all hair types and is great for those who spend a lot of time in the sun or in the water.

Aimed to combat dryness, shine, and provide UV protection, this shampoo and conditioner helps protect the hair against harmful UV rays and removes all the gunk from chlorine, salt and sane. It also helps to nourish and illuminate hair.  After the shampoo, make sure to go in with the Soleil Nourishing After Sun Hair Mask (C$72), which is a lightweight rinse-out mask that nourishes and hydrates hair that is exposed to too much sun, as well as chlorine, sand and salt.

In addition to combatting dryness, it is also great for frizz and the ingredients help to bring back shine and softness to your damaged locks. After the shower, apply the Soleil Nourishing After Sun Hair Cream (C$46), which is a leave-in hair cream that protects hair from sun damage, salt water, sand residue, and chlorine.  It is great for all hair types and helps to provide hair with UV protection, smooth hair, and nourish dry, sun exposed hair.  Even if you don’t want to pick up the full line, I would recommend picking up with cream if you spend a lot of time in the sun or in water.

L'Oreal Paris Dream Lengths More Than Shampoo

L’Oreal Paris Dream Lengths More Than Shampoo 

Have damaged hair? Then give L’Oreal Paris’ Dream Lengths More Than Shampoo (C$9.49) a shot.

This product washes your hair like a shampoo but cares for your hair like a mask. Apply this to your hair, working it from root to tip to gain three-times more softness, and two-times more detangling. The formula deep cleans hair without weighing it down and also cares for the scalp as well.  It contains nutritive lipids that you can usually find in serums and treatments for really nourished hair.

I love pulling this out a couple times a month to reset my hour and nourish it for the ultimate in smooth and softness. I do typically use a conditioner after this but if you are strapped for time or just want to use one product, then this is great to keep on hand. It would also be great to pair with their 8 Second Wonder Water product.

I really love all these products and find they will help my hair get through the next few months.  What are some of your hair care concerns?

What hair care products are you using this season?

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my honest own.

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