Gloss like a boss: Mary Kay Cosmetics Unlimited Lip Glosses

You guys know how I feel about lip gloss. And in case you don’t, it’s not my favourite beauty product.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the look of them, and for the most part, I like the feel of the majority of them and how they hydrate the lips. What I don’t love is how they attract everything. Ever walked outside when it’s windy and your hair is down? Do you have a fluffy dog that sheds a lot? We’ve all been there.

Mary Kay also understood the struggle of lip gloss, so they came up with a brand-new formula.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Unlimited Lip Glosses

The Mary Kay Unlimited Lip Gloss (C$18) is unlike your stereotypical sticky, messy lip gloss. Instead, they came out with an ultra-silky formula that doesn’t feel heavy, gloopy, or overly sticky.

This launch is huge for Mary Kay and they released 14 different shades in three formulas cream, pearl, and shimmer.  Some shades are more sheer than others with the more bold ones going on quite pigmented for a gloss.

Mary Kay sent me all 14 shades and first thing, I was very impressed with the shade range and the finishes. Some have more of that iridescent shimmery finish, whereas other are silky, shiny and have that milky colour that really is quite stunning.

Mary Kay Unlimited Lip Gloss

Like Mary Kay says, these aren’t your typical lip gloss in terms of formula. Since it is a gloss, there is a bit of stickiness in them, but it feels more like a moisturized balm rather than a traditional gloss.

The applicator on these bad boys is a doe-foot applicator with a bit of a groove to it so they hug your lips while applying the product.  The applicator fits the shape of your lips perfectly, so it’s a really nice application.

Considering I’m not really a gloss girl, I really like these and love that Mary Kay came out with a comfortable lipgloss. I will say it’s a little bit of bad timing considering the constant use of masks we have to wear nowadays, but I have been reaching for some of the more shimmery ones and applying them on my lips to add some moisture while I’m working from home.

Mary Kay Unlimited Lip Gloss swatches

If you’re planning on making a Mary Kay order soon, I would recommend tossing one of these in your carts as well.

Are you a huge lip gloss person?

Note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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