Big & bold: Lancome Paris Monsieur Big Extreme Black mascara

When it comes to mascaras, I’ve always been a fan of Lancome’s mascaras.

I still remember when they released the original Hypnose mascara and although that one is still my fave from the line, there have been many other new ones in that family that have also been great.

A Lancome mascara line that I haven’t tried is Monsieur Big, which came out a few years ago, and promises 12-times more volume in the lashes and intense pigment in colour.  I recently received the Monsieur Big Extreme Big mascara (C$33), which is the same formula as the original but with a darker pigment.

Lancome Monsieur Big Extreme Black mascara Lancome Monsieur Big Extreme Black mascara wand

The mascara promises Lancome’s most intense black pigment yet for stunning lashes that stand out. This mascara promises 12-times more volume on the lashes, just like the original formula, and a pigment that is 10 per cent blacker than the original Monsieur Big mascara.

The first thing I noticed when I applied this mascara was how noticeable it made my lashes look. The formula glides on the lashes and the brush makes it super easy to coat every single lash easily.  I found it was a comfortable wear and it elongated my lashes, making them very noticeable. Although I did wear some eye makeup in the swatches photos, I do think that by itself, it would really make your eyes pop and give you that false lash look.

Lancome Monsieur Big Extreme Black mascara Lancome Monsieur Big Extreme Black mascara swatched

Overall I really liked this mascara and I think I will like it even more once it starts to dry out a bit. I find that when you first start using mascaras and the formula is a little more watery and fresh it doesn’t work as well as about one month in. This one was great and I imagine that it will only get better with age.

If you are between this one and the original, they are the same price and sound pretty much the same, just this one has a darker formula. I mean, if you are going to use mascara anyways, you might as well make it noticeable, so I would go with this formula.

Do you like Lancome’s Monsieur Big mascara?

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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