Feeling free: Two deodorants to try out this summer

I have a confession to make… I have barely worn deodorant since COVID started here in March.

Truthfully, since I don’t really go many places or see many people, I just don’t see the point of wearing it. There have been a few times when I could smell myself and definitely needed it, but for the most part, I go pretty natural on a daily basis.

Over the years, switching to natural deodorants has been on the rise. I have tried some natural deodorant brands in the past and found they just weren’t for me, but I know that lots of brands have come out with their own versions lately, and the ones that have been around for a while have been working on their formulas to make them better.

L'Occitane The Incredible Deodorant Recipe in Verbena

One of my favourite bath and body brands, L’Occitane has recently released their own natural deodorant. The Incredible Deodorant Recipe in Verbena (C$24) is a deodorant balm that doesn’t contain aluminum salts and is enriched with ingredients of natural origin.

This deodorant is a creamy texture that you apply with your fingers. It doesn’t block your pores like traditional antiperspirants and contains organic shea butter to moisturize and organic verbena extract to give it a refreshing scent. This deodorant also has tapioca and corn starch, which are powders that absorb sweat, oil, dirt, etc., as well as baking soda from natural origin to neutralize body odours.

I really love the idea of this deodorant and love that L’Occitane came out with their own natural version.  The only thing I’m not crazy about is the fact that it’s a balm.  I much prefer a stick format since it’s less messy and won’t get all over your hands. This deodorant smells wonderful and I love the ingredients they chose to include in the formula.

For those who are not concerned with having aluminum in their deodorant and are looking for a product to help with sweating, I also recently received Perspirex Comfort Extra-Efficient Antiperspirant Roll On (C$17.99).

Perspirex Comfort is a roll-on water-based product that helps to prevent sweating for two to three days. You apply this product at night to help with sweat reduction. This is ideal for people who experience heavy sweating. This product also has a comfortable feel and will not feel heavy and wet.

I like the idea of this product and have been applying it before bed.  Keep in mind that antiperspirants traditionally block pores with aluminum, which I know some people are very against. I like the idea that you only need to apply this twice a week, however, it doesn’t help with odour, so you may need to apply a deodorant in the morning to help with any smell.

Two deodorants to try this summer

I am aware that these two products are very different from each other, however, I did want to give some options for everyone out there. As I said, I haven’t really been struck with natural deodorants in the past, but since I adore L’Occitane products, I truly believe their version will be a winner (as long as it doesn’t make me smell bad, I’m all for it!).

What’s your favourite deodorant?

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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