Here we go again: Day one of NYFW FW20

It was always a dream of mine to go to New York Fashion Week (NYFW), which was something I got to accomplish this past September.

Truthfully, I had a great time and loved the experience, but having done it once, I did feel like it was enough since the experience can be very overwhelming and time consuming.  What I learned the first time around is that NYFW is a lot of rushing, standing around, and waiting.  The shows are amazing, but although the show itself might be 15 minutes total, the whole experience from beginning to end can be up to two hours.  You need time to do your hair and makeup, pick the perfect outfit (which you may or may not ever wear again), get to the venue (for me that means taking the subway and then walking), stand in line waiting to get in, stand in line inside the venue waiting to get into the room, waiting for the show to start (probably at least 20 to 30 minutes after the advertised start time), watch the show, then travel home.

You then do that again and again every day.

NYFW FW20 street style

Since I have the amazing opportunity to go back and forth between Winnipeg and New York, I figured it was too good of an opportunity to pass up doing NYFW again. I mean, how many girls and guys out there dream of going to NYFW? Lots.

So this season I was a little more selective in what exactly I wanted to go to.  I had a bunch of invites for shows, but really tried to be more selective on the designers, and also the type of show it was. I prefer presentations and events over actual runway shows, since as I mentioned, it’s a lot of standing around and waiting, and presentations and events allow you to come and go within a set time period of the event and it’s more informal (and there’s usually free drinks, which is always a plus!).

L'Agence presentation at The Bowery Hotel, Feb 2020 L'Agence presentation at The Bowery Hotel, Feb 2020 L'Agence presentation at The Bowery Hotel, Feb 2020 L'Agence presentation at The Bowery Hotel, Feb 2020 L'Agence presentation at The Bowery Hotel, Feb 2020 L'Agence presentation at The Bowery Hotel, Feb 2020

Anyways, for this season, Fall/Winter 2020, I actually have some pretty amazing opportunities coming up, which will all be shared here. Although Fashion Week officially starts today, typically there will be some brands that have events in the days leading up to the start date. For me, my Fashion Week actually started this past Wednesday.

My day started off with the L’Agence presentation at the Bowery Hotel. L’Agence is a California label that blends together the effortless style of Los Angeles with the timeless elegance of Parisian fashion. I had actually attended their presentation last season and loved what they had in store for spring/summer 2020, so I was really looking forward to previewing their fall 2020 collection.

Their FW20 collection is definitely inspired by menswear since there were so many beautiful blazers on display (including a stunning navy sequin one). Expect neutral, dark colour tones, such as mustard, grey, and burnt orange to be staples in your closet for fall. Florals, paisley, and snakeskin were all on display, which is nice since I’ve been seeing a lot of that for spring, making some items that you’ll be rocking in the months to come totally transitional as the weather gets cooler.

Blue Jacket Fashion Show 2020 Blue Jacket Fashion Show 2020

After the presentation I made my way to Pier59 for the Blue Jacket Fashion Show.  The fourth-annual show is in support of prostate cancer research and features celebrities walking down the runway wearing top designers who have reinvented the traditional blue jacket.

The event was hosted by Andre Leon Talley and some of the models included musician David Byrne, Dr. Oz, Bill Nye, actor Lee Tergenson, professional football player Buster Skrine, TV personalities Nigel Barker and Carson Kressley, radio host Elvis Duran and DJ Envy, reality star Joey Sasso (from The Circle on Netflix), fashion icon Simon Doonan, men’s heath expert Dr. Mike Varshavski, and more.

After the show, I grabbed a Lyft to Mister French in SoHo for the Tula NYFW party. This event was held to celebrate their new Brighten Up Smoothing Primer Gel. Upon entering the venue we were greeted with wellness shots and they also had a bracelet making station and aura readings at the back.

Tula NYFW party in Feb 2020 Aura reading at Tula NYFW party in Feb 2020

I had gone to the Tula event in September as well, so I already knew I was going to have a fab time.  The highlight for me (aside from learning about their new primer), was the aura reading since it was such a cool experience. Although the line was long, it was a very rewarding experience and when the lady read what my aura meant, it was pretty spot on which was super cool (I also found out later on IG that the guy who took the photograph was originally from Winnipeg #smallworld!).

After the Tula event, I grabbed a Lyft home and Thursday I thankfully didn’t have anything going on NYFW-wise. Monday’s post will be jam packed since I have a ton of events happening this weekend. Make sure you tune in on stories (click here to follow me on Instagram), and keep a look out for Monday’s post!

Have you been to NYFW?


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