H20 pout: YSL Beauty Water Stain Lip Stain

Today’s post definitely has some nostalgia.

I used to be a YSL Beauty die hard.  Back when I started this blog I was a huge fan of YSL’s Rouge Volupte lipsticks, then my love for their Shocking mascara and Touche Eclait became so real that I would drop ridiculous amounts of money on their product in bulk since we didn’t have a counter here in Winnipeg.

Fast-forward a few years and my local Sephora now carries YSL and my makeup collection has grown from a Caboodle carrying case to a whole IKEA dresser full of products.  Although I’ve tried many lipsticks over the years since I purchased my first YSl Rouge Volupte, the brand and those lipsticks still remain near and dear to my heart.

YSL Beauty Water Stain Lip Stain YSL Beauty Water Stain Lip Stain

Anyways, this leads to me to today’s post when I received a box of goodies from L’oreal’s luxury brands and one of the items in there were the new YSL Beauty Water Stain Lip Stain (C$49). These lip stains are a water-enriched, lightweight stain that delivers pigmented colour with a glossy texture and a comfortable wear.

Available in 15 different shades, the brand graciously sent me six shades to try out, all in bright colours of reds and oranges. This product is actually 40 per cent water and contains gliding oils to provide hydration and comfort on the lips.

Now I’m not actually a big fan of lip stains since I prefer a more traditional lipstick as opposed to something that makes my lips look like I just ate a popsicle, but these do give off a different vibe that other ones I have tried.  For instance, although it’s definitely a stain and it’s for sure made of water, it doesn’t feel as thin as other stains I have tried. To me it’s more of a lipstick/stain hybrid. It’s also not impossible to remove and doesn’t leave behind that – for a lack of a better word – stained look on the lips. Also, for something that does give off a glossy look, it’s also not that sticky… I mean if you’re walking outside and it’s windy, your hair will stick to it, but just wearing it you won’t notice that your lips stick together.

YSL Beauty Water Stain Lip Stain wand

As mentioned, I did receive six different shades of reds and oranges, and truthfully, I didn’t notice a huge difference between the colours. I get that these were summer colours but I wish that the brand would have chosen a variety of different shades to send out (I know, beggars can’t be choosers and I’m honoured that they sent me these to begin with).  I will also note that I did have to reapply these often throughout the day (after eating and drinking) since they tend to wear out and you’re left with the colour around the lip area but faded in the middle.

Overall, coming from a girl that doesn’t like stains, I actually didn’t mind these. You can tell these are a more high-end product and that it’s different from the other YSL Beauty products I have tried. I would love to give these a try in some of their lighter shades as I would definitely get more wear from them as opposed to the red or coral, but hey, it’s always good to have some options in your beauty collection just in case I feel like going bold one day.

Lip swatches of YSL Beauty Water Stain Lip Stain

Are you a fan of lip stains?

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