Bronzed and glowy: Dior Beauty Wild Earth bronzers and Lolli’Glow Luminizers

There are a few makeup brands off the top of my head that I associate with luxury.  Dior Beauty is one of them.

Any time I receive a new Dior Beauty product it’s such a highlight in my day since the items are just so beautiful and, you know, it’s Dior. So when a few pieces from their summer Wild Earth and Lolli’Glow collections came in last week I pretty much ripped open the envelope to dive in.

The Wild Earth collection consists of powders, eyeshadows, liners, nail polishes, lip products, and more, and the colour tone is very warm. Honestly, it all reminds me of an African safari the way there are so many coppers, gold, and brown tones throughout. Since it’s a very earthy collection, naturally there is a line of bronzers in here, making it perfect to achieve the perfect summer skin.

DiorSkin Mineral Nude Bronze Wild Earth

The DiorSkin Mineral Nude Bronze Wild Earth is a limited-edition bronzing powder in two different shades designed to give you a healthy glow. The product is housed in a beautiful silver-domed case (which comes in a velvet pouch) with “Nude” embossed onto the powder itself. Seriously, it’s one of those products that are too beautiful to use.  But hey, at C$61 each, when you spend that kind of cash on a beauty product, you don’t want it to go to waste.

This powder is infused with golden minerals and helps to give you the perfect summertime glow. The colour isn’t harsh at all, but instead goes on soft and leaves you with a finish that looks natural and reflects light off of the skin. It’s definitely more of a natural bronzer and the formula just glides on the skin for a luxurious look, making you look naturally tanned.

As mentioned, there are two shades to choose from, 001 Soft Terra (light bronze) and 002 Warm Terra (deep bronze), making it easy to choose your perfect shade.  These are buildable colours, so both actually worked for me depending on how hard I applied these.

Diorskin Nude Luminizer Lolli'Glow Powders

To complete the cheeks, swipe on one of the new Diorskin Nude Luminizer Lolli’Glow Powders, which are powder illuminators which give you summer-ready skin thanks to an iridescent sheen.

These powders, available in two shades (007 Peach Delight and 008 Pink Delight), enhance your features thanks to its multidimensional glow. The formula contains pearlescent pigments that bounce off the skin for a beautiful finish.

These highlights come in similar packaging to the bronzers and also feature that stunning “Nude” detailing embossed in the powder itself. These are also on the pricier side and definitely a real treat for whoever picks them up.  I love both shades, since they are beautiful in the packaging, as well as applied. Peach Delight is a light and pearly peach pink, whereas Pink Delight is a light and pearly petal pink. If you are looking for a lighter highlight, then I would take a look at Pink Delight, whereas Peach Delight reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm (although in a highlight, not a blush).

swatches of Diorskin Wild Earth Bronzers and Lilli'Glow Luminizers

I love these products and think every detail of them are so luxurious. Are the the best bronzers and highlighters I own? I think the bronzer is really great and goes on smoothly, same with the luminizer, however I do feel like if you are used to a highlight that is more showstopping, there are better ones out there.

But then again, are they Dior? :p.

Are you a fan of the Diorskin products?

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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