Kaleidoscope colour: Dior Beauty Lip Glow To The Max Colour Reviver Balm

When I first saw Dior Beauty’s Lip Glow to the Max balms, I instantly fell in love with the kaleidoscope of colour. Literally.

If you love the original Lip Glow balms, then you need to get your hands on the new version which launched this past January.  This collection of tinted lip balms feature candy-coloured shades in a variety of holographic and dewy finishes. These balms, which have a fun kaleidoscope pattern are infused with extra butterfly pearls and extra colour reviving power housed in a swirl to give you dual colour.  There are seven shades to choose from (five dewy and two holographic) and are enriched with the brand’s Color Reviver technology, which adjusts to each person’s unique pH for a custom colour. The original Lip Glow is so popular that one is sold every three seconds around the world.

Dior Beauty Lip Glow To The Max Colour Reviver Balm close up

I got all seven shades and even though they are a lip balm, they do pack quite a punch of colour. The shade range varies from pinks to corals, purples, and nudes.  Although some of them look quite bold in the package, I found each shade to be a different shade of pink on me (but again, the colour will look different on everyone!).

These retail for C$42 (same as the Lip Maximizers), and although I do think that’s very pricey for a lip balm, I would recommend picking one up. I was actually surprised how much I ended up loving these since they are so moisturizing and give your lips the most beautiful flush of colour. It’s more like a lipstick than just a lip balm, which is why I love it so much.

Dior Beauty Lip Glow To The Max Colour Reviver Balm swatches

If you picked up one of the new Lip Maximizers, these are designed to be layered underneath the glosses for some extra oomph on the lips.  Although you don’t need both products, the shade names are the same so it makes it easy to match the two products together.

As you can see, all the colours are different shades of pink on my lips, but would be totally different for every individual who wears them. The texture is very creamy and smooth and I found the colour and wear to last for hours before I had to reapply.

Although they are pricey, I do highly recommend picking one up. The toughest part is choosing which shade will fit you the best.

Have you tried Dior’s Lip Glows? 

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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