A girl’s getaway: A trip to The June Motel in Prince Edward County with the 2018 Ford Escape

Last year, one of my besties sent me a link to an article about The June Motel in Prince Edward County.  Granted that I’m from Manitoba, I didn’t actually know much about that area of Ontario other than the fact that it’s one of Canada’s largest wine regions, but that’s about it. After checking out the photos of the motel, we quickly began to plan our trip there (#doitforthegram).

In October 2017 we ended up booking two weeknights right before Canada Day long weekend, where we would drive out to The June, spend a few nights there before heading back to Toronto for the weekend. Well, seven months flew by and before we knew it, our trip was coming up fast.  We flew into Toronto Pearson International Airport and since we had to drive approximately two and a bit hours to Picton, Ontario, we needed a car to actually get there. Thankfully, Ford Canada was so kind to lend us the 2018 Escape to make the journey.

Shortly after touching down we got the car, a beautiful blue Escape Titanium, loaded up our bags, and made the journey down on those crazy-busy Ontario highways. I’ve driven the Escape a number of times and it’s definitely one of my favourite SUVs that Ford offers, for both the ease of driving and the size of the car itself.

2018 Ford Escape in front of The June Motel in Prince Edward County. 2018 Ford Escape in front of The June Motel in Prince Edward County.

The Ford Escape, which starts at just over C$23,000, was a breeze to drive, thanks to its available intelligent four-wheel-drive system that continuously monitors traction and road conditions every 16 milliseconds. It actually transfers torque from the front wheels to the rear ones as needed to give you great handling and traction on the road.  Since we were highway driving, the lane-keeping system was amazing, as it alerted us of unintentional lane drifting via the steering wheel (it would vibrate). The adaptive cruise control was also handy since it allowed us to keep to the speed limit, and if the car ahead of us slowed down, so would the Escape.

Since there was three of us girls, we needed all the room we could get.  Although we didn’t need to fold down the seats, the rear back ones do go down for a flat load surface and tons of cargo space. For when we were actually loading up our luggage, the foot-activated hands-free liftgate was super helpful as all you had to do was wave your foot under the car and the trunk would open up.

The drive there was a breeze since we could plug in our iPhones and CarPlay and Apple Maps guided us straight to the motel.  The multi-function centre console with media bin was also really helpful since it featured two USB ports, which for three girls going on a road trip to take photos for Instagram, the more USB ports the better (especially since the driver’s phone was plugged in for the GPS).

Inside the 2018 Ford Escape Sitting in the trunk in the 2018 Ford Escape The 2018 Ford Escape at The Drake Devonshire

Like I said, I have driven the Ford Escape a few times and it’s been a favourite of mine for a long time since the size isn’t huge and it certainly packs a punch (plus, the price on it can’t be beat for an SUV). Considering that we booked the trip to go to The June and check out the area (which was awesome by the way, so many cute shops!), it was really fun getting to drive the vehicle somewhere else aside from Manitoba (Ontario highways a little more intense than the ones we have here at home). The Ford Escape allowed us to get there safely and efficiently.  Also, I want to mention that the gas mileage on it was awesome. We didn’t have to fill up until we started to head back, and even then, the cost of gas wasn’t that bad (in total, it cost us $80 — $30 before we left Picton and then $50 when we got back to Toronto before dropping off the car).

As for The June itself, you may have seen this cute Insta-worthy motel all over your feeds and I have to say it’s definitely worth the hype. We wanted to take photos of literally everything. We booked the Rose suite, which had a queen-sized bed and bunk beds, as well as a couch.  The ladies that opened up the motel really thought of every detail and if you are lucky enough to snag a night there, make sure your phone and camera is charged since everywhere you turn you’ll want to take pics.

Not Ready to Adult Yet door sign at The June Motel Flamingos in front of The June Motel Selfie at The June Motel, Rose room wallpaper

We also journeyed around the area as well since Prince Edward County consists of a bunch of small towns.  There was this amazing ice cream place called Slickers that my friend and I were dying over (they have this unique campfire ice cream which tastes like a campfire – super smoky, but delish!). We also went to a few amazing food spots, including the Drake Devonshire, which is another hotel there which I totally want to stay at as well.

I want to give a huge thanks to Ford Canada for lending us the Ford Escape for our little Ontario road trip. We had a blast driving the vehicle and exploring the area. Make sure you check out my Instagram account as I just posted a new IGTV video which features the 2018 Ford Escape.

Have you driven the Ford Escape? What’s your favourite road trip car?

Please note, this post is not sponsored, however, Ford Canada did lend me the 2018 Ford Escape for the trip.

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