A perfect match: Finding the most flattering red and nude lipstick with Ton Cosmetics

I’ve been saying on here forever that my favourite shade of lipstick is nude and my least favourite is red.  This is because of a variety of factors; I find nude to be the most flattering and least maintenance, and red cause it can be tricky to pull off and has the tendency to wear off easily.

When I heard about Ton Cosmetics I was intrigued in the fact that they only offer two colour, reds and nudes, and you take this online quiz to find the shade that best suits your skintone. Interesting concept, right? Well, since I have a million reds and nudes, I was totally intrigued on what they would pick for me, so I instantly hopped on and did the test to find my perfect shade.

Their nude collection is split up into three categories: fair, medium, and cool, with three shades in each collection (cool, neutral, and warm). There are red-toned nudes, beige nudes, pink nudes, purple nudes, you name it, so it’s not just that typical “nude” shade you would first think of.  The red collection is also split up in the same categories, and just like the nudes, don’t let the name “red” fool you. Some lean more on the orange side, others on the pink side, and there’s even a berry-toned one in there.

Lipsticks by Ton Cosmetics

After seven questions ranging from the colour of my veins on the inside of my wrists to what colour of jewelry looks best on my skin, I landed on my perfect tones: Fair Cool 2 for the red and Fair Cool 1 for the nude.  Fair Cool 2 is described as a red perfect for those with a fair complexion and bluish undertones.  The slight pink tint is what makes the red lip colour work for my skintone. I do have to say that the shade is quite nice and flattering and leans more towards a tomato red. It’s not as harsh as other reds I have tried and for the most part, stayed on quite well through eating and drinking.

As for the nude, Fair Cool 1 is designed to neutralize bluish hues and is perfect for fair, cool complexions. I haven’t really found a nude I haven’t loved, so as soon as I saw this one in person I knew I would love it.

Both lipsticks are incredibly comfortable to wear since they include shea butter. The colour glides on the lips and the satiny smooth finish makes your lips appear slightly larger as well.  I also love the white packaging with silver detailing, including a gem on the top of the lid.

Ton Cosmetics Fair Cool 1 nude Ton Cosmetics Fair Cool 2 red

In case you haven’t heard of Ton Cosmetics yet, they are a Canadian company based in Montreal. All the products are made in Canada, however, they do ship to the United States as well.  Overall, I’m very impressed with their products since I love the concept of taking a quiz to find the right shade for you.  The brand will also be releasing a collection of pink lipsticks as well later this year.

Each lipstick retails for C$19 and can be found on their website. They were also nice enough to hook me up with a promo code for 20% off, using SHAYNA20.  Stay tuned on my Instagram as I’ll also have a contest popping up where one lucky follower will win a nude and red to suit their skintone!

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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