Gone to the dogs: A week with the 2018 Ford Expedition

I often get so much dog-mom guilt.

Since Winnipeg is not the most dog-friendly city, I hate leaving Ziggy at home alone while I’m out running errands. Whenever I travel I get so jealous when I see a dog in a restaurant or a dog in a store. Why can’t Winnipeg offer more retailers that allow dogs inside the building?

Anyways, when Ford Canada reached out to me a few months ago asking if I wanted to give Ziggy the best week ever, I couldn’t say no. Ziggy actually turned nine on April 9, so it was the perfect time to spoil him for an entire week and do a bunch of activities that catered to him.

Ford hooked us up with the new 2018 Expedition Platinum MAX, which is their largest SUV. Starting at over C$60,000, this car is massive and jam-packed with awesome features. Since Ziggy is a small dog and this car was ginormous (seriously guys, it’s huge), lucky boy had to get carried into and out of the car. Thankfully there was tons of room in the back, since it accommodates six passengers (the whole car can accommodate eight), so he could lounge out when it was just the two or us, and be comfortable when he had his people and dog friends with him.

Ziggy swimming at the Canine Rehab and Fitness Centre Ziggy at the Canine Rehab and Fitness Centre in Winnipeg, MB Ziggy setting in the 2018 Ford Expedition MAX Platinum Ziggy stepping into the Ford Expedition MAX Platinum

Our first activity was a swimming lesson class at the Canine Rehab & Fitness Centre. Ziggy doesn’t usually like to swim, but he has gone in the lake previously to chase after sticks, so I thought it would be a good activity for him to practice his swimming ahead of the summer season. Since wet dog smell isn’t for everyone and it wasn’t my car, the standard panoramic Vista Roof came in handy since it features two large glass panels that can tilt or fully open, letting us air out the car on the way home.

After a power nap, we headed to PetSmart for a shopping spree, where Ziggy got to pick out some new toys (Ford Canada also hooked him up with a bag of toys), treats, and some grooming products. The back row of the Ford Expedition actually folds down automatically with the press of a button, so it was super handy for storing all of Ziggy’s purchases.

Finally, that evening we picked up two of his aunties and took a road trip to Skinner’s in Lockport for burgers, fries, and ice cream. We ate our burgers near the river and then got some sundaes (his had Milkbones in it), which we ate in the car since it was starting to feel chilly. I always love how the steering wheels in the Ford vehicles have heated steering wheels, and in addition to the heated front seats (which also had the massagers), the back seats were heated as well, so we could all keep warm. Our drive back to Winnipeg was a breeze thanks to the lane-keeping system, which alerts you to unintentional lane drifting. If you have the Lane-Keeping Alert mode on, then the steering wheel will vibrate if you drift too close to a lane marker. The SUV also has a Lane-Keeping Aid mode that activates a directional steering torque to help guide the vehicle back to the centre of the lane.

Since the SUV is so large, it was a bit difficult to park (I’m used to driving a sedan). As a result, I relied heavily on the 360-degree camera with split view, which uses four cameras to enable you to see all sides of the vehicle. The car stitches the images together so you can actually see a 360-degree of the car from the top, so it was super handy backing up or fitting into a parking spot.

Since Ziggy is a very social dog, we picked up his two cousins, Rocco and Mer, the Chihuahuas, and went to Assiniboine Park for a picnic this past Monday. Since we had two humans, three dogs, food, and a bag of toys and treats, there was more than enough room to fit everything in the vehicle. The Expedition also features screens on the back of the driver and passenger seats, so you can keep kids, dogs, or people entertained in the back. I really wanted to put on a dog movie for the pooches to watch, but we actually couldn’t figure out how to work the screens. I did download the Ford Play app, but it wouldn’t seem to connect for some reason. You could also download the FordPass app to track your vehicle’s location and remotely access vehicle features, such as start, lock and unlock, and your vehicle status, like fuel level.

Two chihuahuas in the 2018 Ford Expedition Three dogs in the 2018 Ford Expedition American Eskimo dog in the park Wireless charging pad in the 2018 Ford Expedition American Eskimo dog in the 2018 Ford Expedition Three dogs in the back of the 2018 Ford Expedition Skinner's in Lockport, Manitoba Dog in the front of the 2018 Ford Expedition American Eskimo dog with PetSmart bag

Finally, our last activity was a morning at White Lotus Pet Spa so Ziggy could get groomed for spring. Thankfully the Ford Expedition has a wireless phone charging pad in the front, so I could keep my phone fully charged for all those before and after photos.

Although the Expedition may have been a touch too large for Ziggy (and truth be told, myself; thank goodness for the step that comes down when you open the door, helping you step into the vehicle), but he had so much fun during his week of activities. Since the SUV was so tall he did have some trouble getting in and out, but I’m sure he didn’t mind his mom carrying him (bonding moments, you know?). Size aside, I was very impressed with all the features that the Ford Expedition offered. If you have a large dog, then this car is definitely for you, as you can easily fit a family and a Newfoundlander dog in the back with room to spare (and that’s a big dog).

As always, thank you Ford Canada for making Ziggy’s ninth birthday so special. A day at the pool, a shopping spree, a road trip, burgers and sundaes, a picnic, and spa morning, I would say he is one spoiled dog. I turn 30 at the end of May and here’s hoping my birthday will be as awesome as his was.

Have you driven the Ford Expedition? What kind of car do you like to drive? Also, check out my saved Lifestyle Instagram stories to see some footage from the week!

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