Fake & fabulous: Esqido Unisyn collection lashes

When it comes to false lashes, there are usually two categories. Synthetic, which are typically made for a few uses before you can throw them out, and mink, which are more expensive, usually of a higher quality, and have a higher usage rate.

But what if you don’t like the idea of wearing mink lashes?

I personally don’t have a problem with it, but I know there are loads of people out there who don’t like wearing animal products.  Companies say that they use mink that naturally falls off the animal, but I get it, everyone has their beliefs and I totally respect that.

But that doesn’t mean that you want a lesser-quality lash.

Well ladies and gents, Esqido has heard your concerns and they are coming out with a new collection of lashes that are synthetic, but still are a higher quality than a $5 lash.

Esqido Unisyn lashes

Introducing Unisyn, a collection of lashes which are handcrafted with a superior blend of ultra-fine fibres, joined together by a soft and flexible cotton band. As a result, you get a weightless and natural-looking lash.

Esqido’s PR team was so kind and sent me three pairs of their new lashes (in total, there are 10 different styles to chose from) along with the companion glue (which I talked about here).  Although there was marketing material with the package, unfortunately there was no pricing info mentioned. They recently announced yesterday on their Instagram that these lashes are official launching on March 28, 2018. They are also doing giveaways, so take a look on their IG to enter.

The styles they sent me were Heart & Soul, a wispy lash; PB&J, a wearable lash with volume; and Naughty & Nice, a night-out full-glamour lash. The packaging on these lashes are also different from the regular Esqido packaging. Instead of a plush box, these are in a plastic container with a clear lid and a marble backing with rose-gold lettering.  A little cheaper-quality on the packaging, but still very cute and would look displayed on a vanity.

Esqido Unisyn Lashes in PB&J

I couldn’t wait to try these out, so since I was doing date night this past Saturday I popped on Heart & Soul. I did a really basic eye with no liner for a more natural look. At first I did use the Esqido companion glue, however, one of the lashes came off, so I swapped it out for the Kiss lash glue (the companion glue held up for one eye though).

At first thoughts, I was actually really impressed with this lash.  The band isn’t too thick, so it’s very comfortable to wear and if you can get it really close to the lash line, you don’t even see it (seriously, these looked so natural on).

Heart & Soul really is a beautiful lash since it’s so subtle, so it looks like your normal lashes. I usually have to do a liner with falsies since the band is noticeable, but this wasn’t the case with these.  Also, because I wear contact lenses, I find that false lashes tend to irritate my eyes, however, I wore these all night and didn’t have a problem.

Esqido Unisyn lash in Heart & Soul

Compared to the regular mink lashes that Esqido produces, I did find these to be way more comfortable and lightweight.  Of course, since they are synthetic, I don’t expect them to last as long as the more expensive mink ones, but I’m going to assume that these will retail for less. Keep your eyes on the Esqido site on March 28 to order a pair. If you have a hard time finding the perfect lash for you, I would definitely look into this line when it launches.

What’s your favourite false lash brand?

Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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