No kinks: Gummibands hair cords for kink-free hair

I used to suffer a lot from split ends. After years of being fed up that my hair looked awful at the ends and also tended to get natty, I finally realized the trick of wearing your hair in a ponytail at night, and soon after that my hair was looking and feeling a lot better.

I would wear a scrunchy to bed, but even with that, I still found I had that dreaded kink in my hair the next morning. Since I would rather sleep in five more minutes rather than pull out the straightener, I have to admit that I soon learned to live with the kink on more than one occasion.

Now when it comes to hair ties, I feel like the most innovative product to hit the market recently are those spiral hair cords. I’ve seen them in salons, I’ve seen them in Sephora, as well as other boutiques, and I was always sceptical about them. I work out a lot, in addition to teaching fitness classes as well, and I truly didn’t believe that these hair ties could possibly hold my hair in place.

And then I tried them.

Gummibands hair cords

I got sent a care package of sorts from Vancouver brand Gummibands, who sells their hair cords coast to coast. I personally don’t see a big difference between these and the other more well-known versions, but since I like to support local, I do highly recommend them.

Gummiband hair cords are hypoallergenic, meaning that they do no not absorb water or sweat, so they don’t breed bacteria (a plus for those who love to work out), they are suitable on all hair types, they are gentle on hair, reducing breakage and styling damage (a major plus), and they are reusable for years. I did find mine tended to stretch out the more I wore them, however, if I just let it rest on a counter it did shrink back to size. Gummibands also recommends warming up the cord with hot air from a hair dryer or a hot water to return it to its original shape.  If you are for some reason too harsh on the band and it does snap, they have a one-year full replacement warranty as well.

Gummibands comes in a variety of different colours (which I love), and retail for C$7.99 for four cords (use promo code BONUS44 to get two extra bands with your order!). By comparison, a pack of three Invisibobbles will put you back C$10 at Sephora. Also, Gummibands does offer free shipping across Canada as well, so this is totally a better deal.

Gummibands hair cords

I haven’t used any other brands of hair cords, but I personally really like these. Ever since I received them, these are the only hair ties I’ve been using, and I tie my hair up a lot. For working out, first I will ponytail the hair then bun it with another cord. For sleeping, I will just ponytail my hair wrapping it around twice so it’s still quite loose.

I have to admit, a friend of mine has been using these for awhile now and I was totally sceptical that it would hold my hair in place, especially while working out, but I’m a total believer right now.

Have you tried hair cords?

Please note, I received this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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