Summer heat: Kylie Cosmetics Send Me More Nudes matte lip set

Being a beauty blogger, very rarely do I feel the need to go out and purchase makeup. I just don’t need any more mascaras, foundations, primers, lip products, etc.  I once heard a blogger say that this gig totally takes away from the excitement of makeup shopping, and I totally agree.

Okay, I know I totally sound like a brat, but it’s true. Every time a brand releases a new product, I lust after it, but then think,”Shayna, do you really need that eyeshadow palette? You have 50 other others just like it.” Well, you’re right, inner monologue, I don’t.

Except sometimes I do. When I saw Kylie Jenner preview her new vacation collection on Snapchat a month ago, I knew I had to make an order. I’ve mentioned her products before on my blog, and although I find anything the Kardashians do to be short lived, it doesn’t look like Kylie Cosmetics is going anywhere anytime soon. Her products are bomb, and unlike the countless other brands and products the Kardashian/Jenners represent, Kylie just gets it. She’s actually passionate about her line and it shows in the quality of the products.

Since I live in Canada and she charges $15 for shipping (plus the fact that the Canadian dollar is so low), I pass on all her releases (except one, I did order her birthday matte lip set). When I saw the Vacation eyeshadow palette and the four matte lip colours though, I knew I had to bite the bullet. Plus the fact that she was offering free international shipping over $60 definitely helped.

I asked my friend who also loves Kylie’s products if she would go in on an order and she said that she wanted to get the Send Me More Nudes matte lip set as well. Since we both wanted it, we decided to just split the set since there were bound to be two colours in there that we each liked less.

The Send Me More Nudes Matte Liquid Lip Set ($45 USD) is also available in her velvet formula, but since we both love her matte one (it’s honestly one of the best matte liquid lip formulas I have tried, from any brand), there was no question that this would be our choice.  There are four liquid lip colours (no pencils), Naked (sandy beige), Birthday Suit (nude warm beige), Commando (terracotta beige), and Bare (nude pinky beige).

Since I love nudes and pinks, I knew this set would be a winner, as I was digging all the colours, except one, Commando, since I find that nudes with orange undertones usually don’t look good on my skin tone. I chose to keep the two nudes, whereas my friend kept the two pinks, however, after swatching all the shades, every one is a winner (especially if you’re wearing a tan).

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Honestly, I’m loving all these colours, even Commando (although it’s still my least favourite if I had to rank them). Since I only have Koko K in the full size, and Dolce K, Candy K, Kristin, Leo, and another Koko K in the minis, I’m so happy to have full size of some of her nude colours.

If you’re a reader of my blog, you’ll know that I have a ton of matte liquid lipsticks already in a variety of nude shades, but here’s the thing, her formula is one of the best. It stays on and settles on your lips. A lot of formulas I try tend to be a little tacky in the inner lip area. Not these. They dry down and stay there.

Although a lot of items from her vacation collection are sold out (including the eyeshadow palette, which I also purchased), this set is still available, and you guys, it’s so worth the money. Plus for $45, it’s less than two lip kits. Although I do enjoy the use of the pencil, you definitely don’t need it, the brush helps the products glide evenly on your lips.

You need this. Go order it. Trust me.

Have you tried any of Kylie Cosmetics’ matte lip formulas? Did you buy anything from her vacation collection?

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