True north strong and free: #Canada150 items you need for this Canada Day

Okay, I admit it, I’m totally a sucker for all the Canada 150 hype.

Literally everyone has been promoting special items to commemorate Canada Day this year. Although our nation’s birthday is always a reason to celebrate, this year is extra special since we celebrate 150 years (Canada is so young).

I’ve gotten a few sweaters already this year, tons of Hudson’s Bay stuff, and have even done a few special Canada 150 promotions with some brands, but I seriously cannot get enough. I even made sure to pick up a Canada 150 tank early cause I wanted to get one in my size (Old Navy has some nice ones and mine was $5!). Anyways, needless to say, I am set.

If you’re still planning your Canada Day outfit for this Saturday, I have some totally awesome items you must include this weekend.

Kiss Canada Day Impress press on nails, Kiss The Collection nails, and Kiss Mani Pop Canada Day Kiss Canada tattoos and Lash Hurrah Canada Day lashes

Canada Day 150 nails, lashes, and faux tattoos from Kiss

I believe that these are all available exclusively at Walmart, but these are some items you must pick up. Since your nails are an easy way to theme any outfit, from press-on nails in both their ImPress line and Kiss The Collection (the one with the glue), to nail decals as part of their Kiss Mani Pop collection, you need to jazz up your nails this Saturday. I’ve been wearing the Impress Press-On Manicure nails (which are my favourite press-ons BTW) since last week and I’ve gotten so many compliments on them.  They feature red nails with a white accent nail complete with a shimmery maple leaf.

If you want to go all out, Kiss also has some body tattoos in Canadian motifs and #Canada150 designs, making it easy to show your Canadian pride. For the completely Canada-crazed, sport their Lash Hurrah faux lashes, which feature the Canadian flag on the lashes (these are so extra).

Elastoplast Canada Day bandaids

Elastoplast Limited Edition O Canada bandages

Didn’t expect me to talk about bandages on here, huh?  If you’re sporting a booboo, or plan on wearing uncomfortable shoes, then you must pack a few of these fun bandages just in case.

Each box comes with 40 strips in nine classically Canadian designs. Since Canada Day is closely associated with partying, it’s probably smart that you keep a few on hand in case you get any scrapes or scratches while out celebrating this July 1st.

MAC Cosmetics Proud to be Canadian makeup bag

MAC Cosmetics Proud to be Canadian collection

Did you know that MAC Cosmetics hails from Toronto? To celebrate the mega-brand’s Canadian heritage they have come out with a three-piece collection, including a true red lipstick, a makeup bag, and a tote.

I have a million makeup bags already, but I’m totally obsessed with the Proud to be Canadian Makeup Bag, which features a red and black plaid design and a reference to their Canadian beginnings. This particular bag is exclusive for MAC Select members, and is only available online or in MAC free-standing stores. For C$20, it’s perfect to house your Canada Day tattoos, bandaids, and whatever else you’ll be carrying with you this weekend!

I’m counting down the days until the weekend and not gonna lie, still planning my most patriotic outfit the big day.  I’ve definitely be sporting most, if not all of these items.

What will you be wearing to celebrate #Canada150?


Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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