Rinse + repeat: Pantene reformulates shampoo to retain more moisture

I feel like if you’re going to buy a drugstore shampoo and conditioner, 80 per cent of the time you’ll choose Pantene. From the vast array of different formulas, to the smell, to just even the nostalgia, Pantene has been a favourite of mine for years. The line always leaves my hair looking and feeling so clean and fresh that I was surprised and excited when they reformulated the shampoos to enhance the moisture level in hair.

So what did Pantene do exactly? Well, they released the biggest haircare innovation in 30 years (since the two-in-one shampoo/conditioner combo I believe). For the first time ever, shampoo alone can penetrate the hair cuticle to replenish lost nutrients and restore the hair follicle. So why should you care? Well, other shampoos coat the surface of the hair with conditioning ingredients, so this new formula goes beyond the hair’s surface to cleanse, repair, and strengthen the hair follicle.  You know how they say not to wash your hair everyday because it strips away natural oils and moisture found in your hair? Well this formula doesn’t do that, meaning that you can wash your hair everyday instead of two to three times a week.

The formula works by the use of lipids that slip under the hair cuticle as you rinse your hair. These replace essential fatty acids that are usually lost when the formula suds up.

Since summer is fast approaching, you may find yourself out more, whether that be soaking in the sun’s rays, going for a bike or run, or even swimming, meaning that you’ll probably wash your hair more often. With the use of this shampoo and conditioner, you can wash your hair after every activity and it will still feel fresh and clean, not dried out or brittle from excessive washing.

The new formula is available across all shampoos, so that means that if you have a favourite line, you can still take advantage of this new formula. I tried out the Daily Moisture Renewal line since my hair has the tendency to get dry at the ends due to working out everyday, curling it, etc. I have noticed that after washing my hair – even just once! – my locks are a lot smoother and shinier (although Pantene is known for infusing hair with some shine). I’ve used a ton of their different lines and always enjoyed the results.  When it comes to drugstore haircare, Pantene has never let me down (and no, I’m not getting paid to say that).

You probably wouldn’t have even realized they changed the formula since it doesn’t look like they are mentioning it on the bottles, but if you give this new and improved Pantene a try, let me know your thoughts! Did you notice a difference?

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