The shape up: Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer

When my bestie told me in December that was dying to try out Tarte’s Shape Tape, I had no clue what she was talking about.

If you haven’t heard of Shape Tape, well you must not be a beauty buff since it’s the most talked-about concealer out there.  It’s so popular that Tarte limits customers to two per order and restricts the use of promo codes on it. So what is it exactly?

Well, it’s a concealer and a highlighter. They call it a two-in-one because for one, it’s a full-coverage concealer, but it also brightens and can act as a highlighter if you get it in a lighter shade or a contour if you go a few shades darker. Like other Tarte products, it contains Amazonian clay and conditioning mango seed and shea butters, so it’s super moisturizing for your skin and promotes skin elasticity and illumination with each application.

Available in 14 different shades from light to dark, this long-wearing formula delivers a natural coverage while still giving your skin that extra oomph which looks oh so natural. It’s so high coverage that you can use it to cover acne, dark circles, and redness.

Since it has MAJOR hype, I was so excited to try it. I got the colours Fair and Fair Beige, which are both quite fair in tone. The first thing I noticed about this product was the massive wand.  This is probably two times the size of a normal concealer wand. To show how large this thing actually is, I put it up against a bottle of OPI nail polish as it takes up more than half the length of the bottle.

The consistency of Shape Tape is quite thin, but a little definitely goes a long way since it blends out really nicely. I’ve used both a brush and a sponge to blend out this product and both work equally as good.  If you are using it to highlight, it definitely does do a great job of adding light to the face, so keep that in mind when choosing a shade, as it didn’t really oxidize that much to my skin tone to match.  I’ve been using Fair Beige for the majority of applications and found that this concealer is a little lighter than my skin tone, but I’m down with that since it adds light to the face.

As for wear, it does last a long time with no creasing. I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this (if you have, please leave me a comment!), but when I apply it it has this cooling sensation to it. It’s very cold on my skin until I blend it out. Who knows, it could just be the shea butter or something, but I did find that odd. I also tried this out as a highlighter and I have to agree with Tarte that it does a really good job of adding light to the face. In the photo below I used it right under the hollows of my cheekbones to create some light there and it complemented my contour beautifully, adding some dimension to my whole look.

So it is worth the hype? It’s a pretty good concealer. I like how it’s quite thin in texture but it packs a serious punch when it comes to concealing since it’s so high coverage. Unfortunately it is not sold at Sephora stores (I feel like I’ve seen it in my local one though.. maybe it’s not available online?). You can order it directly from Tarte’s website, but unfortunately it’s so popular (they say that one is sold every 26 seconds!), that Tarte doesn’t offer promo codes eligible on it.

If you’ve tried Shape Tape I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment below with your experience with it.

Please note, product provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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