All you need? Revlon Eyes, Cheeks + Lip palette in Seductive Smokies

revlon-title One of the most exciting products I received last June at the London Drugs Fall Beauty preview was the Revlon Eyes, Cheeks + Lips palette. This guy is new for late summer and comes in a three different colour palettes (Berry in Love, Seductive Smokies, and Romantic Nudes) and contains six eyeshadows, a blush, and four liquid lip colours.The colours in the palettes are existing Revlon shades and curated together, so ideally it’s the only palette you need (for any makeup buff out there, obviously this wouldn’t be your only one, but if you’re new to makeup, it could be a stepping stone).

I received the palette in Seductive Smokies, which contains three blue-toned eyeshadows and three purple-toned shadows. As we know purples are great for blue eyes and blues are great for brown, so regardless of what colours eyes you have, the palette is great for you. This palette also contains a mauve-coloured blush, as well as two lipsticks (a pink and a red) and two glosses (a berry and a nude).

This guy has been sitting in my “needs to be reviewed” pile since I got it, but it’s been in the back of my mind forever since I love how much product you get in it. Like I said, if you are new to makeup, I think this is a great idea, since you pay one price (C$19.99 at London Drugs, but currently on sale for $14.99) and you get all these makeup must-haves.


I got to finally play around with it Wednesday night when the BF and I went to see the Book of Mormon playing here in Winnipeg. Unfortunately though, I was very disappointed with the quality of the palette.  Okay, keep in mind that I have a lot of makeup. My palette drawer is huge, meaning that I get to try out a lot of brands and formulas. Sure, some are more luxury brands that you can get at Sephora, but others are drugstore eyeshadows, some as affordable as even $8.99, and they have amazing pigment.  This one by Revlon just didn’t cut it.

I went with the purple side as I have blue eyes and when I started with the lightest colour, it barely gave me a wash of that neutral shade. I had to pack on the eyeshadow and even then, it wasn’t drool-worthy on the eyes. I chose to go with the darker colour in the crease, and although it did blend out, it was very sheer.  It reminded me of makeup that I used when I was a kid, certainly not something up to 2016 standards.


The blush went on quite well and I chose to apply the berry gloss for a sheer wash of colour. Overall, I didn’t love the palette, and for $20, I would say skip it, there’s way more amazing palettes out there, although they maybe won’t have a blush and lip options. Really though, if you were wearing this palette out, you probably wouldn’t carry it around with you anyways to reapply the lip colour, so instead invest in a good-quality eyeshadow palette (if you are looking for affordability, try ELF, it’s inexpensive and great quality) and maybe a Revlon lipstick (they have amazing lip products).

I was very disappointed that this didn’t live up to my standards, but let me know if you tried it out and if it worked for you!

Products provided for consideration from London Drugs. All opinions are my own.

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