Big lips: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Koko K

KK title If there’s one makeup product that has gotten the most hype over the past year, it’s definitely the Kylie Lip Kits.

Although I haven’t purchased a lipstick in quite some time, and not to mention the fact that I certainly don’t need any more lip products, I finally caved a couple months back and purchased my very own Kylie Lip Kit.

I was on the site ten minutes before the restock, had all my info ready to paste into the field, had another friend on her computer ready to do the same thing. We were lucky in that we got the colours we wanted and about three weeks later our package finally came.

I got the colour Koko K, a dusty baby pink colour named after Khloe Kardashian. Yes, I’m a huge Kardashian fan, however, I bought the product more for the actual hype and the fact that I heard they’re amazing.  And after having owned my own lip kit for over a month now, I can completed agree.

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The kip comes with a liquid matte lipstick, along with a liner in the same shade. As you’ve probably read already, the lipliners are very creamy and pigmented, so they slide right on your lips. I’ve had difficulty with lip liners in the past in that the colour doesn’t really glide on my lips, but that isn’t the case with these.  The real gem though is definitely the liquid lipstick. Not only are these so pigmented, but they dry fast and are set for the rest of the day. They don’t move. You may notice a slight wear on them, but for the most part, I don’t really ever retouch.  They stick on so well that at the end of the night I actually have trouble taking them off. I also find that this product makes my lips look bigger. I’ve been getting lip fillers since last Christmas, and depending on the lip product I wear it can be not that noticeable.  Not with these, my lips look huge! Needless to say, I’m very impressed with the product, so much so that I would totally order another colour.  Yes, I would pay the $14.95 shipping fee again, and the U.S. to Canadian exchange, they’re that good.

I chose to go with the colour Koko K, a dusty pink because I felt that it would be the most wearable for me. I looked up tons of swatches and videos online and I was a little worried that it would be too mauve when I tried it, but it turned out to be the perfect everyday pink colour. I usually go for either nudes or pinks, so this was the perfect balance of the two and suits my skin tone great.

I have seen lots of reviews that compare them to the ColorPop Ultra Matte Lip products, and not only are they a quarter of the price ($6 USD compared to $29 USD), but ColorPop and Kylie Cosmetics are actually both distributed through the same company. I haven’t tried any ColorPop products yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the same formula, or close to it.  To be honest, out of any matte liquid lipsticks I own, the Kylie lipsticks are the most similar to the Lime Crime Velveteens.  They have that same cupcake-like smell and both set to the same matte finish and feel the same on the lips.


The only thing bad I can think of with these is just after a while they seem to pill, it’s like a heavy feeling on the lips. The Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are thinner in formula, so they don’t have the tendency to do that, however, the Kat Von D ones definitely do not get the same wear time as the Kylie ones.

Since the lip kits retail for $29 USD each, plus the $14.95 shipping to Canada, I also picked up the So Cute lipgloss to try out as well. So Cute is the lightest of her shades, and although I’m not the biggest lipgloss fan, I really do like this gloss. It’s not sheer, so it gives you a beautiful flush on the lips.

Although I own well over 100 different lip products, I have to say that this one has easily taken the number one spot.

Do you own a Kylie Lip Kit? What are your thoughts?

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