Tan-tamonium! Getting bronze with OrganicTan Winnipeg

Organic Tan title If there’s one thing I’ll do before an event or trip, it’s get a tan. Unfortunately I’m not blessed with the kind of skin tone where it’s easy for me to get nice and golden; in fact my “tan” is most people’s normal skin colour.

With summer coming up, looking bronze is a must. You guys know I’m a huge fan of self tanners, in particular tanning mousses, as they give you an amazing tan almost instantly. Not only do I look darker, but I feel more confident, look thinner, and just overall brightens my mood (plus a tan makes my hair look blonder).

Last month I went on vacation with my boyfriend to Cancun and instead of applying the tanner myself, I wanted to go the spray tan route. I’ve gotten spray tans before a couple trips to Vegas, but those were from the machines in my local Fabutan location (which also work great by the way). This time around, I wanted to support local and look into airbrush tanning, done by a professional. Enter OrganicTan Winnipeg.


OrganicTan is an all-natural airbrush tanning experience. The formula works with each unique skin tone to give you a flawless glow. Each tan is customizable depending on what you’re going for. If you want a nice glow, a deep tan, or body-builder material, OrganicTan can customize the formula for your needs. The best part about the whole thing is that the product has been formulated and perfected by a natural chemist, and it’s filled with natural and organic skin-nourishing ingredients, such as green tea, echinacea, sunflower oil, and more. The formula also helps to conceal those annoying imperfections we all have, like stretch marks, acne, cellulite, bruises, veins, etc.

OrganicTan originated in Calgary and they now have over 58 locations across Canada. I visited the Winnipeg location (166B Provencher Blvd, above Le Garage) the day before my trip to Cancun to get a spray tan, as well as a bright smile using their SunnaSmile natural teeth whitening device. I already have pretty white teeth as it is, but I thought it would be cool to try out, and plus having super white teeth up against a tan would look so perfect.

SunnaSmile is an LED-activated teeth-whitening system that is designed to provide maximum oral health benefits while whitening. The device has been proven to be effective, enamel-safe, and low sensitivity. Although they offer the in-studio session, they also have an at-home kit which you can purchase (like the ones always seen on Instagram).


First my teeth were compared to a tooth chart of different colours and shades to see how white or yellow my teeth were. My teeth were actually the second lightest on the scale, so we were aiming to get them to the lightest. Next, I was walked through the process. I had to put this gel on my gums and then I was given a tray with the formula in it, which I bit down on.  After that, the LED light was plugged into the try and I just had to sit there for I believe was about 15 minutes (the at-home kits are 20 minutes). Once she took the tray out, I rinsed my mouth and my teeth did look much brighter.

After my smile treatment, I was taken to another room where there was a spray tan tent in it. We chatted about the colour I wanted (medium with hints of dark) and then I stripped down to just my undies (you can go au natural, which looking back, I kinda wish I did), while she went to mix the colour. I stepped onto these sticky foot pad things to protect my heels then stepped into the tent. After a series of different poses I was fully coated in the OrganicTan product, she even went in to contour parts of my body (collarbones, abs, etc.). After she was done with the spray, she went in with a lotion to even out my feet, wrists, etc. so there were no harsh lines making the colour look even and natural. The colour takes time to develop, so I made sure to wear super loose clothing and no bra, and in about two hours I started to see myself get darker.

donut Body lotion

OrganicTan lasts five to 10 days depending on how well you take care of your tan. Maximum results can be expected after 24 hours, however, you can shower after 12 hours (just be aware that you won’t get the maximum results). There are a variety of factors that will make your tan last less time, such as shaving and exfoliating, face cleansers and moisturizers containing salicylic acid, lotions with synthetic fragrances, anything with alcohol in it, etc. OrganicTan offers moisturizers specially created to use after your OrganicTan, which will make it last longer as well.

I absolutely loved the way my tan developed and I felt amazing looking so tan in the Mexican sun. Since I was out in the sun, applying sunscreen, going in the pool, etc., my tan didn’t last too long (about the duration of the trip – five days). Regardless, I would definitely go back again if I have a special event or trip coming up as the tan was so natural looking and it was hard to tell the difference between a real tan and a spray one.

Have you been to an OrganicTan location? What were your thoughts?

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