Kandi Crush: EDC Las Vegas 2015 recap


So it’s been over a week since I got back from Vegas and I’m still exhausted.

This was my fifth time in Las Vegas, but the first time at EDC LV. It’s been on my bucket list for a few years, so when two girlfriends were down to go, it was a better time as any. We ended up buying the VIP passes as my one friend gets major crowd anxiety and it provided elevated separate areas for some of the stages, amongst other perks (although they promised WiFi hotspots, which there were none).

EDC was held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from June 19-21.  It was held each night from dusk til dawn and was unlike anything I have ever been to.  It’s currently the largest festival in the United States (the attendance was over 400,000 people for the three days) and it’s a spectacle like no other (they weren’t lying when they threw in the word “carnival”). Since we stayed on the strip (at our usual mainstay The Mirage), we chose to get shuttle passes to escort us there and back each night.  The number one piece of advice I got from literally everyone who went previous was don’t take the shuttle.  Other than the Friday night, which was absolutely awful (they were super unorganized and we had to wait forever to get there and back), the shuttles ran super smoothly, and were air conditioned.

Anyways, I’ll let the photos do the talking but I do have some piece of advice if you are planning on attending future events.

– To VIP or not? I don’t regret getting the VIP pass (it costs $699, as opposed to $349 for GA), but I wish it included more stuff.  I really enjoyed the space we got in the VIP areas, as well as the line to get in faster.  I don’t think it should have been almost double, or at least throw in more perks, like advanced entry on the rides (of which there were TONS of them), or a free drink (there were apparently free drinks Friday, which we never got…).

– Keep hydrated They really push the water thing, and seriously, I see why.  It’s hot, you’re dancing and running around, you need to keep on the water.  Dasani was $5 or they sell the Insomniac water bottles for $10 a pop.

– Take naps Seriously sleep during the day. I’m still exhausted from it all.

– Go see an act that’s not on your schedule We downloaded the Insomniac app that let us create our own schedules of the DJs we wanted to see.  We obviously saw all the major ones (Armin Van Buuren, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Avicii, Alesso, Nicky Romero, etc.), but we were a bit early for Nicky Romero’s set at Circuit Grounds and Arty was playing beforehand, who was hands down one of my favourite acts from the weekend.

– There is no wifi  Period. Even if they say they offer it.  They don’t.

If you attended this year’s event, or even past EDCs, leave me a comment.  Join the meantime, enjoy the pics!

IMG_6131 IMG_6156 IMG_6165 IMG_6188 IMG_6196 IMG_6200
IMG_6157 IMG_6222 IMG_6226 IMG_6227 IMG_6229 IMG_6231 IMG_6232 IMG_6250 IMG_6252 IMG_6259 IMG_6270 Doge IMG_6274

That time we were beside Tiesto in the VIP area at Cosmic Meadows..

That time we were beside Tiesto in the VIP area at Cosmic Meadows..

Oh, and Happy Canada Day!

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