Up and away… travel and beach essentials by Mytagalongs


This month is crazy with travel.  Between work, this blog, and vacation, I’ll be going on four trips in June alone. In fact, I just got back from the Okanagan this past Friday. With so much travelling, that means that I need to keep organized and basically have stuff ready to go.

Usually when I travel I just throw stuff into an oversized tote or in those big Ziplock bags, however, this isn’t the best method for keeping things organized (and definitely not the prettiest). Well luckily Mytagalongs sent along some of their items just in the nick of time since their stuff is perfect for travelling and hitting the beach.

lotions I’ll be staying in lots of hotels this month, and although I usually just use whatever they supply, I often find my hair dries out either from the different water, or the products, or both.  These compact travel bottles ($10) are great for bringing your favourite shampoo, conditioner, lotions, body wash, etc. on the go with you. Available in a set of three (all of them hold two ounces of products), these are refillable and have a flip top, making them perfect for travel. The best part? They’ll be carry-on approved because of their small size. For my trip last week, I threw in my Federic Fekkai shampoo and conditioner, as well as a Yves Rocher body wash.

sunglass case shades and bag sunscreens

I used to be a huge sunglass snob, AKA I would only wear designer shades.  I’ve recently eased up since there’s so many cute sunglasses out there (and really, I’ve broken the same pair of Dior sunnies two times, you think I would leaner by now..), but the only thing about cheapie sunglasses is that they usually don’t come with a case.  So instead of just throwing them in your bag, I love this sunglass case ($8), which is quite sturdy making your sunglasses more secure in any bag you throw them in.

For jewellery, and any other little items you may travel with, Mytagalongs has a two-pouch stretchable neoprene ($15) set that holds whatever you throw their way. For the small pouch, I threw in some earrings, a necklace, and a lip balm.  In the larger one I kept all my sunscreens (very important for the beach!).  Plus, the material is the same stuff they make wetsuits from, so you know it will hold up well either in your suitcase (accidental spills) or at the pool or beach.


Finally, one of the most important items to travel with are your phone charger and earbuds. Usually I’ll just throw it all in my bag, but then the stuff gets tangled and you have to dig around for it.  It can get really annoying, really quick.  So, you can imagine my excitement when I got the ear bud case ($8), which is also made from neoprene, making it simple to store electronic chargers and earbuds.  Aside from the mesh pocket that I used to store my phone charger, it features an interior tab to wind your ear bud cord around as well, preventing those annoying tangles.

I’ll be heading to Vancouver, then Vegas, then Montana next week (they are literally all back to back, I hop off one plane and then catch another in the same day), so these items will definitely be coming in handy this month.

Do you have any summer travel plans? How do you keep your items organized?

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