Freshly minted: Battle of the mint polishes


When it comes to spring nail colours, pastels rule.  And when it comes to pastels, mint shades will forever be my fave to rock.

So this brings me to today’s post.  No matter how many pinks you have or purples or blues, you’ll forever have a favourite.  Whether it’s the perfect shade, the perfect texture, the perfect brush or the longevity of the polish, there’s one shade that sticks out (for pinks, it’s OPI Mod About You). When it comes to mints, my forever favourite was Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, an iconic cult-worthy mint shade that bears some resemblance to Tiffany blue (swoon).  But then OPI introduced a heart-stopping mint shade in their Hawaii collection and that changed everything.

polishes That’s Hula-rious is hands-down my fave from the spring 2015 Hawaii collection and a gorgeous mint creme polish.  This guys leans more towards the greener spectrum of the mint shades (whereas Essie’s Mint Candy Apple is more blue), but it’s certainly been a toss up in which mint to wear (#firstworldproblems).

Mint Candy Apple Is this corner we have Essie’s Mint Candy, an opaque Tiffany-blue mint which is so refreshing. It’s like Listerine for your nails. It’s clean, fresh, and perfect for any function (think baby shower, wedding shower, heck even a wedding).  It’s one of those shades that is so basic, but one that you can wear anywhere. The only downside is that I’m personally not a huge fan of Essie’s brush and the longevity of their polishes aren’t the greatest on my nails.  This one though is a staple for any collection.

That's Hularious

Overall, I do find OPI’s formula and brush to be better than Essies.  Their lacquers last longer on my nails and that ProWide brush does a better job of painting on the colour.  Although both shades are technically classified as a mint, they are different. OPI’s That’s Hula-rious! is more of an Easter-egg mint green, making is more season appropriate, whereas I find Mint Candy Apple can be worn really any time of the year. To be honest, it would be really tough choosing a favourite between the two since they are on different spectrums of the mint wheel.

Essie’s Mint Candy Apple is part of their regular line, whereas That’s Hula-rious is limited edition… for now. I feel like a shade like this one though would be something they would keep on in their permanent collection.

Do you have a favourite mint polish?

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