The feather weight: Kiss Looks So Natural lashes

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So when it comes to false lashes, there’s the drugstore kinds that feel kind-of plastic-y and then there are the creme-de-la-creme of the lash world, the mink kinds.  Well, my friends, if you are looking for an affordable version of natural-looking, comfortable, and most of all soft lashes, Kiss has you covered.

The Kiss Looks So Natural lashes have revolutionary tapered-ends technology, which means they blend seamlessly with your natural lashes for a more comfortable and normal look.  Basically, they are supposed to look and feel like you aren’t wearing any false lashes at all.

Available in three kinds (in Canada at least, in the United States there are more), you can find a lash to suit any function.  If you want something subtle, try Sultry; if you want a more typical false lash, Shy is perfect; and for those girls who want maximum drama, look no further than Flirty.

Close up

I have tried all three and love all of them.  I like how they are each so different, that I can differentiate what instance I would wear each one. For Sultry, I like popping these on with just mascara’d lashes for a natural look.  For a good smoky eye lash, don’t apply any liner, just apply Flirty along your lash line.  They may look scary in the package, but I was surprised by how natural these were.  They don’t look too long once applied.  Finally, for the most versatile, try Shy, as you can wear these for really any occasion.

Sultry Sultry close up Flirty full lash Shy Mediums lashes

I do have to say that the wear on these are very comfortable.  I wear contacts and sometimes, depending on if the lash is flexible, they can irritate my contacts.  I didn’t get that feeling with these, also they are very light, you don’t really feel them at all. I applied them using Duo lash adhesive (the black one), but Kiss also manufactures their own adhesive as well.

As for the band, I often find inexpensive lashes to be quite straight and stiff, but these are very flexible, making them really simple to apply.

Overall, I love this line of lashes.  The best part is that they retail for under $5 a pair, so you really can’t go wrong.  Inexpensive, comfortable, and flattering?  What more could you ask for in a lash?

Have you tried Kiss Looks So Natural lashes yet?

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