Unconventional fragrances: 2014 fall scents


Okay fall fragrances, I think we need to have an intervention.

Autumn is hands-down my favourite time of the year.  Not only for the chill weather, but the clothes, food (pumpkin spice anything), and all the colours.  So naturally, when the weather gets warmer and Halloween decorations start popping up in stores, my summer fragrances take a break and I bring out the spicier ones.

You may have noticed a few new scents making their ways into stores and on your Instagram feeds, two of which are the most unconventional women’s scents I’ve seen yet.


The first one, Calvin Klein Reveal, is a salty little number.  I don’t have the actual fragrance but I do have the Sensual Body Lotion, which probably packs more punch than the fragrance itself.

With notes of raw salt signature, pink pepper, black pepper, white pellet, orris, ambergris, solar accord, sandalwood, cashmeran, and musk, this sensual fragrance is a powerful one.  So much so, that the smell of salt lingers on your skin forever.  It’s not my absolute favourite, solely based on the salty scent, which is so overpowering after a while (maybe it’s not too drastic with the actual fragrance, as opposed to the lotion), but if you’re a spicy gal, sniff this one out.

Red Musk

I feel like a staple for any women’s fragrance is some sort of floral note. Well, The Body Shop is taking a page from men’s colognes and completely got rid of any flower scent in their new perfume Red Musk.  This fragrance has no flowers, only spices, making it perfect for fall.

With notes of tobacco, pepper, and cinnamon, this fragrance is not your typical girly scent.  It’s musky, warm, and comfortable.  It’s like wearing red plaid on a chilly fall evening sitting fireside with a guy.  Although tobacco is unexpected for a women’s scent, since typically it’s found in men’s fragrances, I actually really love the combo of notes in this one.  Plus, the red box and ombre bottle make it so pretty to stand on your dresser.  It’s simple, clean, and unexpected.  And, at $45 for the 100ml Eau de Parfum bottle ($37 for 60ml), this one is affordable for any budget.

What are some of your favourite scents for fall?

Please note, these items were sent to me by PR.  All opinions are my own.

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