Clear canvas: Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer

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Just like how you wouldn’t paint a wall without priming it, why would you use a foundation without laying down a primer?

Primers do a whole whack of things for your skin.  They fill in wrinkles and fine lines, prep your skin for foundation, and even make the foundation last longer on your face.  Ever since I was exposed to this must-have step, it’s been a staple in my routine.

I have tried many primers over the years, from just plain ol’ prepping your face for foundation to blurring imperfections to making your pores appear smaller, there are a whole whack of different kinds of there.  Make Up For Ever (MUFE), one of my favourite brands, has a primer that is geared towards different complexions, which create the perfect canvas for your foundation. Called the HD Microperfecting Primer (as part of their HD line), it nourishes, moisturizes and softens skin, creating a glowing effect.  It also creates a protective layer on the skin, allowing foundation to glide on easily and last longer.

Now what makes this primer special is the fact that it’s available in a whopping seven formulations that correct and enhance colour.

  • #0 Neutral: a translucent base for all complexions
  • #1 Green: minimized redness (ideal for rosacea)
  • #2 Mauve: neutrals strong olive undertones
  • #4 Caramel: adds a warm glow to deeper skin tones
  • #5 Blue: gives a porcelain finish to fair skin
  • #6 Yellow: adds golden tones to dark complexions
  • #7 Pink: adds brightness and warmth

I have the primer in the blue tone (#5) since I have fair skin.  Some of the colours (aka the green one) look a little scary in the package, but don’t fret, it settles into your skin almost immediately, so it won’t make you look like The Hulk.

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I have been using this primer for two weeks now and I have to say that I’m impressed.  The number one thing I look for with primers is whether they make my foundation last longer, and I have to say that this one does.  It does have a funky scent to it, but the power it packs is well worth the smell.  I have worn this with various foundations and BB creams and find that my makeup still looks pretty good by the end of the day.  This stuff even make my CoverGirl TruBlend foundation, which isn’t long wearing, last longer than it would with any other primer I have used.

In the above photo, I am wearing NARS Sheer Matte foundation, which was applied at 2 p.m. and then washed off at around 11 p.m. Overall, it held up pretty well throughout the day, including a two hour walk in the park (it was pretty sunny out too), a nap, and just regular day-to-day stuff.

The product retails for C$39, which if you know primers, is about the average.  For some reason, primers are quite pricey (even more so than foundation), but I feel like it’s a necessary step in anyone’s makeup routine.  You only need one pump of this stuff, as a little goes a long way.

Overall, I highly recommend this one. Just like everything else I have tried in their HD line, this one is If you don’t want to be daring with a colour that is formulated for your skin, try the neutral shade (although I really do like the blue one and it doesn’t make me look like a Smurf when applied 😉 ).

Have you tried Make Up For Ever’s HD Microperfecting Primer?  What’s your favourite primer?

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Please note, this post contains product that were sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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