Rock hard: OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener


Before I get into my post, if you are reading this, that means the world has not ended… yet :p.

Alright, so for the past month I have been nail polish free, which is weird because wearing nail polish is second nature to me, so it’s been quite the adjustment.  For the past while I have found my nails to be thin and peeling; nail polish would only last a day until the tips would start chipping.  I tend to change my polish quite often, having to do my nails a few times a week wasn’t a big deal, however, it was bothering me that my nails were so brittle.

I’m not sure if it is my base coat or the weather, but I knew I had to do something.  In a night of desperation, I went to Chatter’s Beauty Supply and picked up OPI’s Nail Envy Nail Strengthener for Sensitive and Peeling nails.  I actually got a free bangle with the product because of the holidays.

Now I always thought that Nail Envy was just a base coat.  The product is a treatment more than anything (although I have read that you can layer it underneath your nail polish).

How it works:

For maximum results, apply two coats of Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy to each nail.  Then, apply one coat every other day.  After one week, use any OPI Polish Remover to remove all nail lacquer (if present) and Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy.  Begin application again.  Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy works best as a base coat in actual contact with the natural nail.  It can also be used as a top coat over nail lacquer.


I have been using the product religiously for the past three or so weeks and am mixed about the results.  I still find the treatment to chip at the tips of my nails, however, I have found my nails to be stronger.  Additionally, some of my nails are still peeling.  It may be too early to tell if this product actually does work (at least for me) but the real test will be when I start using nail polish again (I can’t wait).


I have heard nothing but good reviews about Nail Envy and if your nails are like mine – weak and peeling – I would give it a try.  Like I said, the real test will be when I start using polish again.  Not all my nails are peeling and they certainly are not breaking so easily anymore, so that is an improvement.  I think I will also give it a try as a base coat, as the one I am currently using is not doing much for my nails.

Nail Envy is a bit on the pricey side at C$17.95, but I figure if it does work it’s well worth the money.

Have you tried OPI Nail Envy?  If so, what are your thoughts? Also, do you have peeling nails?  What have you been doing to fix it?

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