The Lash Diaries: Shu Uemura Mini Eyelash Curler

So as I mentioned in my Holt Renfrew Paramount Beauty Bag post I got the mini-sized shu uemura eyelash curler.

A shu curler is the most well-known version of this must-have beauty tool.  I don’t have a full-sized shu as of yet but it’s still on my list (I actually visited my local Sephora after calling to inquire if they had any and when I got there they didn’t.  Instead they gave me a free Sephora brand one).  My Sephora curler is apparently the same as the shu as the Japanese company pulled out operations in the United States (Americans can still order online).  Lucky for us Canadians, we can still get the iconic curler at Sephora and there are shu uemura counters and lash bars at Holt Renfrew.

Sephora eyelash curler

Alright, so the mini curler is about 2/3 the size of a full size one and compared to a regular eyelash curler is much smaller in size.  This product also comes with a replacement pad, so in total you get two silicone refill pads.

Full-size Sephora curler (left), mini shu (right)

So why would anyone want to buy this thing when it costs approximately $15 and is noticeably smaller than a regular eyelash curler?  Well my friends, I thought the same thing…until I tried it.

This curler is perfect for getting those hard to reach lashes on the outer and inner corners of your eyes.  I have also used it to enhance the curl on my middle lashes.  Additionally, you can use the tool to create custom lash looks.  For example, you can use the curler to just curl the outer lashes creating a flirty look.  You have more control with this curler and it enables more freedom to create different looks.

Using just a full size curler. See how the ends didn't get curled?

As for the actual use of the tool, it’s a bit hard to get used to at first because of it’s small size, but once you get the hang out of it’s actually quite fun.  I’ll go over my lashes one more time with this curler after I use my full size one just to make sure that all my lashes are curled. So would I recommend this curler?  Yes!  However, I don’t think that they sell it anymore, but you can pick it up in the Holt Renfrew Paramount Beauty Bag for $25 (totally worth it! You can even use the $10 voucher in the bag to use towards a full size shu) available at Holt Renfrew stores (excluding Last Call) until December 31, 2011 or while supplies last.  Is the product necessary?  Absolutely not.  If a regular eyelash curler works wonders for you, then stick with it.  This product is not a necessity by any means, but if you are a beauty kind-of-girl or if you take eyelashes very seriously, then I would pick this up.  It is a bit pricey if you can find it by itself (you can get 15 ELF eyelash curlers for this price) but like I said, if you want to get those hard-to-reach lashes on the inner and outer corners of your eyes, then I would pick this up. shu uemura is known for their eyelash curlers so you can’t go wrong with this product.

Have you tried the mini shu uemura eyelash curler?  What were your thoughts?