The Cult Collection: NARS Laguna Bronzer

Hey guys!  So up next in the Cult Collection saga is NARS’ Laguna Bronzer, an iconic bronzer with a hint of golden shimmer.

From NARS’ website:

Bronzing Powder creates the ultimate healthy glow. Diffused powders with golden shimmer create an all-over warmth or contour for the face perfect for creating or enhancing the look of tanned skin. Finely milled powders fills in lines and pores for smoother, more even looking complexion.

  • Laguna named “Best Bronzer for Light Skin” 2011 InStyle “Best Beauty Buys”
  • Natural looking, imperceptible finish
  • Subtle shimmer adds glow

I’ve been wanting to try Laguna ever since I bought their Orgasm blush but it’s a bit pricey ($39 in Canada I believe) and I have three other bronzers to use up first anyways.  For my birthday in May I got a gift card for Sephora and when I went to the store NARS had a set with Laguna and Angelika in a duo and a mini Angelika lipgloss, so I jumped at the opportunity and got it.

Okay, so for those who know me really well, they would tell you that I love my bronzer.  I’m quite pale so anything that can make me look tanner, I will grab at like a dog and chicken (well, like Ziggy and chicken).  Anyways, the point is, I love my bronzer, I love my tanning lotion, I love anything that can make me look darker but in a relatively safe (cancer-free) way.

Alright, so with that being said, I don’t actually use laguna as a bronzer, I use it to contour and I have to say, it does a pretty darn good job at doing it. There is a lot of colour pay off in Laguna and it’s the most perfect bronze shade to contour cheekbones.  If I want a bronze look on my cheeks I’ll reach for my Joe Fresh or St. Tropez bronzer, not necessarily Laguna. That’s not to say that this wouldn’t work well for that sun-kissed look, I just don’t use it that way.

I think what makes it such a good contouring colour is the fact that it’s dark and there is a hint of shimmer in it, however, you don’t see the shimmer once it’s applied to your face.  If I used my Joe Fresh one I don’t think that I would get the same effect.  There is something about the formulation in Laguna that makes it so perfect.

So is it worth the hype?  For a contouring shade, yes definitely, the colour payoff is really good if you want to define those cheekbones.  For a “sunkissed” glow, I’m sure it would be great too, but unfortunately I don’t really have the experience of using it that way.  I would rather use a different bronzer I have and save my Laguna (which is quite pricey) for contouring, something that I know it’s wonderful at.

Have you tried NARS Laguna Bronzer?  What were your thoughts?  Do you it’s cult-worthy?  Leave me a comment below!