Another Day, Another Dog Post…

Hi all!  I thought I would do a quick little dog post (I’ve been doing a ton of them recently it seems like).  My friend Janis (check out her blog here, it’s awesome!) came over with her dog Gir to have a play date.  Unfortunately Ziggy didn’t like Gir too much so he had to stay in the house, but Chase (my parent’s dog) had a blast.  Chase is a really shy dog so it’s nice to see he made a friend.

Hope you liked the post!  I have a ton of upcoming posts planned, it’s a bit difficult because I use the self-timer on my camera and sometimes (most of the times) the shots come out blurry.  I’ll get it all figured out though.  Also, you may notice that my blog template is changed, I updated it and it totally screwed everything up so I changed it to something else.  I don’t love it as much as the other one but c’est la vie!  On a positive note, I’m going to Vegas on Thursday, can’t wait!

Hope you had a fab Saturday and don’t forget to subscribe!