Furry Friend Tag!

So yesterday I was catching up on all my favourite guru’s videos and it seemed a common video that everyone was doing was the Furry Friend Tag.  So naturally, seeing as how I’m obsessed with my dog Ziggy, I knew I had to do it as well, except obviously make it a blog post.  Hope you enjoy! 🙂

1)What is your pet’s name?

My dog’s name is Ziggy.

2) What kind of pet is it and what breed?

Ziggy is a pure-bred American Eskimo dog.  Just a bit of history behind the breed, they originate from Germany, not America as most people would think.  They are part of the Spitz family of dogs and they were originally called a German Spitz, however, due to anti-German prejudice during the First World War, the name got changed to American Eskimo (as per Wikipedia).  It is also said that the first kennel to breed them was named American Eskimo, hence the name. They are also known as circus dogs, as way back in the day they used to walk on tight ropes.  Crazy hey?

“Eskies” as they are also affectionately known are available in three sizes, standard, miniature, and toy.  Ziggy is a standard, my parent’s dog Chase is a miniature.

3) How long have you had your pet friend?

I got him in August 2009 when he was about five months old (his birthday is April 9, 2009), so therefore two years!

4) How did you get your pet?

Kind of a long story… I went to the local Humane Society with my mom randomly one day while we were taking a walk and there was a little husky-mix puppy also named Shayna.  I thought it was fate so the next day we went back to take a look at her and she was already adopted.  It was that moment that I knew I wanted a dog; I had one when I was little but he died in 1995.

I didn’t know what kind of dog I wanted to get so I did some research online and came across the American Eskimo breed and thought it was perfect for me.  I wanted a smallish dog, a cute one, and a fluffy one.  I searched online using Kijiji and came across a breeder near my city.  I called and she said that there was still two girls and a boy left from the litter she was advertising.  We ended up going out there that weekend I believe and saw Ziggy (known then as Marley) and another puppy, a girl named Mia.  Mia and Ziggy were completely different dogs.  Ziggy was running everywhere you couldn’t catch him and Mia was very shy and timid.  We left that night thinking what kind of dog I should get but I knew in my heart Ziggy was the one for me.  We went and picked him up the following weekend and took him home in a little laundry basket which he slept in for the first few weeks.

5) How old is your pet?

Ziggy is about two-and-a-half years old.

6) What are some quirky things about your pets personality?

He is such a little rascal.  He loves playing soccer and football, he will actually push the ball, it’s hard to explain without showing, but he is definitely a boy.  He also loves his food.  When we eat he will put his front paws on the table and if you don’t give him food he will paw at your arm or put his head back as if he’s saying “come on!!!!”.  What else?  Oh, when you comb his chest sometimes he will make kitty cat noises, again, it’s hard to explain by text, you have to hear him, it’s so cute.  He also loves his tummy rubs, all I have to do is ask if he wants one and he will flop over.  He also loves doing his tricks for treats.  Sometimes all I have to do is show a treat, not say anything, and he will sit, lie down, roll over, etc.  He also knows some words, like if you say “Stick” he will run towards you and jump on you as if you are holding a stick.  He will do that too if you say “hey Zig”, he will run towards you barking (check out the video below), he doesn’t like that so much for some reason….

Click here to check out his little shananigans

7) What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?

I love Ziggy with all my heart.  He is my “number one guy” I always tell him.  It’s always nice knowing that he always wants to hang out and he get’s so excited when he sees me.  There is nothing like the undying love a dog has for their owner.  He’s the most sweetest dog ever (not to strangers) and extremely loyal.  He’s my little buddy, my son, my angel, and my heart.  He’s my everything.

8) What are some of your favorite past times with your pet?

Definitely out weekend cuddle times.  Usually they are on Sundays and we will watch a TV show or movie on Netflix or just plain ol’ TV and he will lie in my arms and sleep.  We also like doing “tricks for treats”, Ziggy loves showing off, and more importantly, getting his treats.  We also like going to the playground and going down the slide (not the swings though, he will bark at me and lunge forward almost as if he’s protecting me – “stop it mama, you’re going to fall off and get hurt!”) .  We also love going to Petland (he actually knows the words Petland, it’s so cute) and we will go shopping and visit the other little dogs and look at toys.

Recently my parents adopted another little American Eskimo dog named Chase, he’s very shy and skittish but we are slowly working on him coming out of his shell.

Chase - my parent's dog

9) What are nicknames that you call your pet?

Gosh I have so many!  Zigga, Zig, Zig Pig, Piglette, Angel, My Heart, Baby Giraffe, Poo Bum, Baby Pig, Mr. Zig, My Darling Pig, Mr. Bitey, Pair of Pants, The Nice One.

Hope you enjoyed this post!  I tag all of you out there that have pets to do it too!
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