Everyday Face Makeup

Happy Sunday!  I thought I would do a quick blog post (a little picture heavy though).  This is my everyday face look.  It’s very basic and neutral with a fun lip to add some colour.  I usually wear this Monday to Friday to the office and it’s super fast to do.

What I Use

I use a variety of products from difference brands, I’ll even switch up some colours on some days but the face routine pretty much stays the same (sometimes I’ll swap different colours for my eyes, but for the sake of this post the ones I’m using are my “go-to” colours).

Okay so the first thing I do after I apply my moisturizer in the morning is put on my face primer.  I always use Hard Candy’s Sheer Envy Face Primer, however, in this post I used Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer because I got a sample size of it from Sephora and I want to use it up before I open my new tube of Hard Candy.  With that being said, I mean the result will be the same; foundation primer makes the foundation go on smoother and will fill in any lines or creases.

After the primer is applied I’ve been using Bare Mineral’s Original SPF 15 Foundation (I use it in light W15).  Get some powder on your brush and then buff it all over your face.  Sometimes I will use a liquid foundation before the powder, but currently I’ve just been using this.

I look so serious here haha

After I apply the powder I then apply an under eye concealer.  The one I’ve been using the most is my It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer in the colour Neutral Medium.

Make sure you blend!

After you apply the concealer I use NARS Laguna bronzer to contour my cheeks and forehead.

What you want to do is suck in your cheek bones and find the natural curve in your face and apply the bronzer there and all the way up to the corners of your forehead.  As a result you are making your forehead look small and creating cheekbones.

After you are done contouring, grab your favourite blush and apply it to the apple of your cheeks.

The blushes I usually use are NARS Orgasm or Angelika, I’ve been really into Orgasm lately for some reason, probably because I have a bit of a tan and it looks really great with some colour (it’s not the best on pale skin in my opinion).

Then I take a Ziggy break…

Once that’s over and the face is done we can move onto the eyes!

I highly recommend using a lid primer, my favourite is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.  Apply a little bit of that to your lids and blend all over your lid up to the brow bone.

Next grab your favourite neutral colours, mine are from the Naked palette in the colours Sin and Naked. Apply Sin all over the lid and then Naked in the crease.  If you want, apply Virgin on the brow bone as a highlight.

I used Urban Decay's Sin all over my lids

Apply Naked to the crease

Sometimes I will switch these colours out with MAC’s All That Glitters on the lid and then Satin Taupe on the crease.

After that I add on some liquid eyeliner, I usually use MAC’s Liquid Eye Liner. Sometimes I will use a gel liner but if I’m in a rush then I will use this one because it takes less time to do.  I never use pencil liner on my upper lash line.

Because I have eyelash extensions I don’t use mascara, but obviously this is the point where you would add it. I recommend using an eyelash curler before you curl your lashes and then apply your favourite mascara.  Prior to my extensions I loved Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash. Finally add some lip colour and you are good to go!  I never apply lipstick in the morning when I do my makeup because by the time I get to work it’s not going to be there anymore.  I always eat breakfast after I finish getting ready and then usually have a cup of coffee when I get to work.  I’ll apply lipstick on after that. The colour I usually gravitate towards is YSL’s Rouge Volupte in #19 Frivolous Pink.  It’s either that or MAC’s Myth with NARS’ Turkish Delight over top.

And that’s it! That’s my everyday face routine, especially from Mondays to Fridays.  It’s easy to do, doesn’t take a lot of time, and is very basic and neutral, perfect for the office or anywhere really!  Sometimes I will use either a black or white eyeliner on my lower lash line, but if I’m pressed for time I’ll skip it.

What does your everyday makeup routine consist of?  Leave it as a comment below. 🙂

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