Spring/Summer Trend: Feathers

Hair, makeup, and photography by yours truly!

Hi all!  So I had a photoshoot today for photos to accompany an article I wrote for Clippings magazine on hair trends.  I had so many photos that I thought I would post some on here so I don’t feel like they were wasted.  One of the trends I talk about in the article has been seen on everyone from celebrities to even the runways of some of the hottest brands.  Wanna take a “wild” guess? Yup, it’s feathers!

Basically what they are are rooster feathers that you can straighten, curl, and wash.  They are attached using a microloop and then fastened on a small section of hair.  They are relatively inexpensive and add some flair and a pop of colour to your hair instantly.  It’s a neat trend for summer for sure and have been spotted on such celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Ke$ha among others.  In fact, they have been so popular that fishermen have been complaining because people interested in the fad have been buying the feathers that are for fishing.  It’s being said that the hair industry has single-handedly wiped out the rooster feather industry and there are some shortages to get your hands on those colourful feathers.

Some salons offer them or you can always order the supplies online and do it yourself.   There are a number of online retailers and manufacturers that you can get them from.  If you don’t want them attached semi-permanetely, you can also get yourself a pair of temporary clip-in feathers from Sultra ($25 USD, available at Sephora).

They are super fun and definitely my go-to hair trend for summer.  And, if you want your furry friend to spot that same trend, Puppy Locks offers fur feathers that you can apply onto Fido (Condition Culture, the company that makes Puppy Locks also make Feather Locks for humans).  How cute is that? I’m not sure that Ziggy would like it but it’s still pretty cool regardless. So what do you think? Are you on the feather bandwagon or are you gonna let this one fly by?